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Top 10 Restaurant Dubai

Top 10 Restaurant - Dubai

Dubai offers full package with best cuisine and top class accommodation. It is ever growing city with spectacular views, Culinary scenes and ultra modern buildings. Presence of 7-star restaurants makes the profile dubai spectacular. Cuisine of emirate is a perfect blend of Asian and middle east cuisine. The diet of UAE is world famous with best health benefits. Best Emirates food are Shawarma, tabbouleh and hummus. Due to the hot weather conditions of Dubai, people of Dubai uses Dairy, grains, meat and vegetables. Some of the famous traditional dishes found here are

● Harees

● Machboos

● Mishwy

● Fireed

● Margooga

Camel meat is the costly meat which is popular in dubai and its milk is also used in many dishes that compliments the Emirates Cuisine and on many special occasions camel meat dishes are cooked with saffron, turmeric and other ingredients. Here you can taste the best breakfast with chebab, khameer and raqaq which are best features of breads and they are served with cheese, eggs and date syrup. Like in India Pasta is the idea dishe and in Dubai Ballarat is also popular dish. In dubai you can taste many varieties of sweet dishes which are drizzled with nuts and date honey. Dubai is popular for food streets and camel dishes are the speciality of UAE. Here it is less authentic to taste famous dish in hotels. You must visit famous restaurants to taste the Emirates Cuisine. One of the most amazing dish of UAE is Stuffed Camel. To have the exotic taste, try Al Harees dish which is made of wheat and meat and it is served on occasion, Ramadan and wedding. Shawarma is popular dish among full UAE and Asian countries, they are served by many restaurants in different manner and it is made of grilled chicken with sauces.. 

1.Al Dawaar Restaurant 

It is famous lounge and revolving restaurant which offers mesmerising view of Dubai Skyline and here you can taste the buffet system in unique style. 

● Location : 25th floor of Hyatt Regency on Al khaleej road, Deira, Dubai

● Open for full week from 12:30pm  to 12 am

2.Indego Restaurant 

It is award winning Indian restaurant where you can taste best range of the Indian Cuisine. Here are fresh spices used in our dishes that compliments our Indian cuisine along with perfect dining. 

● Location : Grosvenor House Dubai, Al Emeef street Dubai 

● Owner : Chef Vineet

● Open on full week from 7pm to 12am

3.Ostro Restaurant 

It is the most luxurious Mediterranean restaurant where you can taste fresh dishes, with different types of drinks and salad. 

● Location : dusitD2 kenz hotel, Al Khareef street Dubai 

4. Armani or deli Restaurant 

It is Italian restaurants which displays unique interior made of white and black colour. Don't forget to taste wine here. 

● Location : At ground level, In Armani hotel Dubai 

● Cuisine : Italian 

5. Quattro Passi Ristorante Restaurant 

Here you can taste best Italian dishes with spacious Culinary experience. It is popular among full UAE 

● Location : 1- palm Jumeirah, Dubai 

● Opening hours -  12:30 to 4 pm and 7 pm to 12 am

6.The Talk Restaurant 

It is best family restaurants within offers authenticated Arabian dishes with mixture of other international dishes. 

● Location : The walk., at Jumeirah beach, Dubai 

● Opening hours from 10am to 11pm

7. Miyako Restaurant

The atmosphere of this restaurant is so friendly that you can visit here many times in a week. Here you can taste delicious Japanese cuisine. It is a best sushi bar and coosy bar. 

● Location : on Al Khaleej road Dubai 

● Cuisine : Japanese 

8.Publique Restaurant 

It offers casual and cosy atmosphere which is busiest restaurant of Jumeirah in Dubai. 

● Location : Souk Madinat in Jumeirah Dubai 

● Cuisine : Middle East, Mediterranean and Asian

9.Arabian Tea House Restaurant 

Its is famous restaurants and cafe which is best for solo travellers to enjoy every dish from breakfast to dinners. 

● Location : Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai 

10. Le Patio restaurant 

It is open roof restaurant and offer luxurious dining. Here you have to make reservations. 

● Location : Al Habtoor City om Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.

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