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To bring you the best, there is a heavy and enthralling range of tour packages Dubai available. Does not matter which type of package you are seeking, you will get everything that adds flavor of entertainment to your tour. With a Dubai trip, you cannot just enjoy a fascinating trip but also feel excited about the thrilling activities. Pick whatever you want, luxury Dubai tour packages to enjoy a lavish stay or a budget-friendly Dubai package to let you enjoy the beauty of this golden city.

To choose the best Dubai Tours, you must know some facts, the best time to visit, the best places to visit, places to stay, and adventures that you can do during the trip. No wonder, Dubai boasts various spellbound places, adventurous activities, iconic wonders, and breathtaking architectural structures that never let you feel doozy during the trip. Yet to plan the itinerary, just give a look at the best of Dubai.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Summer months

Dubai is covered with desert which made it scorching hot during the summers. And the worst time of a trip to Dubai is June to August when summers are at their peak.

Why should you visit Dubai in summer: However, this time is perfect for picking cheap tour packages for Dubai as rates are usually low. You can choose to stay in a luxury resort and hotel in order to make your vacation-worthy.

Winter months

On the other hand, January is the coldest month in Dubai which made it more fascinating and admiring. If you are fond of cold weather then this is the best time to visit Dubai.

Why should you visit Dubai in winter: However, prices are usually high during this period which adds a burden to your pocket. Also, September and March provide pleasant weather to breathe.

Transition month

This month is usually about the cool breezing weather that is neither cold nor hot. Usually, the sky is clear with no clouds and sun which is comforting for the body.

Why should you visit Dubai this month: This month also holds the Dubai food festival which is a heaven for foodie souls. Also, rates of accommodation are low.

Honeymoon in Dubai

Dubai is a blend of romance, thrill, adventure, and whatnot. With tour packages in Dubai, travelers can get everything in one place whether it is a vibe of romance or adrenaline rush or shopping stuff, or a wave of luxury.

What is the best time to visit Dubai for a honeymoon packers?

As per the weather in Dubai, November is the best time to visit for honeymoon packers. During this time, the couple could soak into the romantic beach walk, enjoy cruises, feel excited about a desert safari, and roam around the local market. Yet, the choice of honeymoon tour packages for Dubai and time depends on the personal preference of the couple.

Ideal honeymoon package for Dubai

The ideal time of the honeymoon package for Dubai is 5 days 4 nights. During that time, you can enjoy all activities, witness attractions and visit all the desirable places. You can also receive the experience of lavish shopping and enjoy wandering around local markets.

Best things to do in Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai for your honeymoon then do not forget to indulge in these activities:

Bateaux Dubai Cruise

To have a classy yet sophisticated dining experience, do not miss this amazing activity. Covered with the comfy, modern, and air-conditioned vessel is popular for international cuisine and entertainment shows. With good romantic vibes, nothing can beat the culinary experience of this place. This offers you to witness the beauty of Dubai by the water.

Spa date

Relaxing with your partner while relishing the body massage that calms your body and mind. A luxury spa date with your beloved would soothe your soul and mind. Feel this magic on your body when your stress washes away.

Live shows and entertainment

A Dubai desert cannot be complete without the desert experience. Once you book the tickets for the overnight desert safari, you can enjoy traditional Arabic dance. This is an incredible attraction of Dubai that should not miss at any cost.

Restaurants to must-visit

If you and your partners are love birds that admire food a lot then you must visit these places in tour packages Dubai to romanticize your relationship:

Nathan Outlaw At Al Mahara

Want to have a culinary experience that is served by a star chef then this place is for you. Here, you can enjoy an underwater ambiance that complements the international cuisine. This is one of the most admired places in Dubai for honeymoon backpackers.


With the location of Royal Mirage, this place is known for its lunch experience and ambiance. Also, its night vibe is all about sophistication and luxury. You can also enjoy a relaxation time in the pool of restaurants.


To enjoy the traditional and authentic delights of India, this place tops the list. Its menu is inspired by the four prominent regions Jaipur, Punjab, Lucknow, and Hyderabad. If you are craving some cuisines that have spicy flavors from India then this place deserves a visit.

How to Reach Dubai

To reach Dubai, the best way is by air. Dubai has two international airports which have a strong network with other countries and major cities of the world. Here, you can travel from almost countries of the world. Some airlines like Emirates Airlines, FlyDubai, Cathay Pacific, Air India, and Etihad Airways run flights to Dubai. You can also travel to Dubai through other cities like Sharjah International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali.

If you’re traveling through any other Emirates then roadways are also a great way. But remember you can't have a bus ride directly to Dubai. You need to book a bus through Oman as only Oman has a roadway network with Dubai. You can also book your private taxi and cab to reach Dubai.

Places to Visit in Dubai

Burj Al Arab

Resemble like a sail, this is Dubai’s 7-star that is the tallest hotel in the world. This hotel has boasted a helipad on the 28th floor and lavish restaurants. Here you can enjoy the pool, waterpark, club, and bars. This hotel is open to tourists with the ‘Inside Burj Al Arab’ where visitors could witness the luxurious Arabian life. Many tour packages in Dubai include this attraction as a prominent place to visit.

Museum of the Future

Besides carrying its cultural legacy, Dubai is an ideal destination for futuristic marvels.  With its unique structure, this is considered the world’s most beautiful building. With its location on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Museum of the Future will take you on a journey of the future. Here, virtual reality and augmented reality give a trip to space and a sense of the Amazon forest in 2071.

Atlantis Aquaventure and Secret Chamber

With a number of thrilling rides and attractions, Aquaventure Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Dubai. Here, you can enjoy private beaches, kid’s areas, and marine rides. This place features a world-famous leap of faith, a clear underwater tube surrounded by sharks. Also, do not forget to indulge in Secret Chambers where you can explore different species of animals.

Dubai Frame

This place is holding the tag of the world’s largest picture frame with a state-of-the-art glass bridge that connects the two vertical pillars. From a height of 150 m Dubai Frame offers a splendid view of the whole of Dubai.  This is a blend of reinforced concrete, steel, and aluminum.

Things to Do in Dubai

To enjoy Dubai fullest, some activities are mandatory to include in Dubai tour packages. These activities made Dubai, a tourist hotspot for the wanders.

Lavish shopping

Dubai is a dream destination for shopping lovers; here you can buy luxurious as well as budget items for your loved ones. From premium brands to traditional crafts, you can shop everything from here. Its local night market would give you a vibe of shopping. Dubai is home to the world’s biggest theme-based Ibn Battuta Mall. With gold souk, you can buy exquisite gold with a wide range of designs. Dubai is also a trade spot for herbs as well as perfumes.

Taste of authentic cuisine

No wonder, Dubai is a melting pot of culture that creates various ranges of cuisines available in the golden city. Here you can enjoy delicious cuisines from every corner of the world- Japan, Syria, Italy, France, India, and Emirati. The craze of food in Dubai is on the next level and many luxury restaurants have celebrity chefs from all around the world. Falafel, Mandi, Baklava, Mehalabiyais, and Knafeh are some of the very famous dishes in Dubai that you must try to change the taste of your mouth.

Dhow Cruise

With the splashing water of Dubai Creek, Dhow Cruise will allow you to enjoy a lavish meal filled with seafood cuisines. This offers a splendid view of Dubai’s skyline with fresh breezes. If you love to spend some quality time with your loved ones away from beach parties then tours to Dubai must indulge this activity.

Aura Skypool

A vast stretch of water in the air for 200 meters is a lifetime experience that is unparalleled. This is the highest pool in the world that gives a 360-degree view of the surroundings. From here you can admire the never seen beauty of Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf. This is the best and most unmissable spot in Dubai that trigger your senses.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect blend of modern lifestyle and culturally influenced ethos. This made it a perfect place to do shopping for different stuff. Here are some shopping places that no one wants to miss in tour packages Dubai who is in love with shopping.

Wafi Mall

This mall is located at Oud Medha Road and is considered one of the unique experiences that is unmatchable. Wafi Mall is immensely popular due to its theme which is inspired by Egypt and its pyramid. It has almost 350 stores from where you can buy clothing, jewelry, and arts and crafts.

Burjuman Centre

Want to shop in an award-winning mall that is one of the oldest malls in the world? From Louis Vuitton, Versace to Christian Dior, Gabbana; here you will get a large number of luxury shops and stores under one roof. The best thing about the mall is, here you can visit only Saks Fifth Avenue store in Dubai.

Mercato Shopping Mall

Not just the lavish shopping experience, but it offers a charming view inspired by Italy’s Mediterranean town. Additionally, the name of the mall also depicts the meaning market in the Italian language. Along with the shopping, you will get some of the best pizzas.

Dubai Flea Market

To enjoy the best street shopping, this place should be next on your list. This market of Dubai allows you to buy as well as sell stuff. Here, you can buy products like toys, electronics, gadgets, appliances, books, and handicraft items. Cheaper rates for the stuff excites you to buy more and more for your family and friends.

Best Places to Stay in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of accommodations in various areas. Every place has its own unique charm and attractions. For your next tours to Dubai, considered these places to stay:

Al Fahidi & Deira

These areas showcase the traditional side of Dubai, with historic neighborhoods and bustling markets. Recommended hotels include Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, Hyatt Regency Dubai, and Carlton Palace Hotel.

Al Barsha

Known for its proximity to the Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai, Al Barsha is a vibrant area with many dining and shopping options. Suggested hotels include Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel Dubai, and Novotel Suites Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

Jumeirah Palm

This man-made island is famous for its luxury resorts, stunning beaches, and iconic Palm Jumeirah view. Top-rated hotels include Atlantis, The Palm, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, and One&Only The Palm.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Located along the picturesque waterfront, JBR is a vibrant area with a beach, a promenade, and a lively atmosphere. Popular hotel options include Rixos Premium Dubai, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, and JA Ocean View Hotel.

Bur Dubai

Offering a mix of traditional and modern attractions, Bur Dubai is home to historic sites, museums, and the lively Dubai Creek. Recommended hotels include Arabian Park Hotel, Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, and Grand Hyatt Dubai.

Adventurous Things to Do in Dubai

Lust-filled shopping and relaxing stay, are not only enjoyable moments in Dubai. Here, you can also quench your thirst for thrilling experiences. Unlike other tourist places, Dubai is a blend of various adventures from water activities to air activities.

Jet skiing

Dubai is brimming with this stunning activity that allows you a 1 hour of exclusive excursion on waves. To get a dose of adrenaline, Dubai tour packages include this activity as the main attraction.

Water Jet Pack Experience

The most thrilling activity is the water jet pack that makes you fly in the air like you are in an action movie. Does not matter, if you are an adventure lover or not, this will keep you bound for the entire ride. 

Paragliding in Dubai

Another activity that lets you fly like a bird with spread wings.  With professional security personnel, paragliding blesses visitors to enjoy the experience of flying in the air. It makes you feel on top of the world when you fly among clouds.

Scuba diving

Another thrilling escape that is a must in Dubai is scuba diving. After enjoying the height of the golden city, this activity allows you to interact with the marine life of the city. There are many spots in Dubai that unfold a different world to you but Jumeirah Beach is the most famous for scuba diving.

Quad Biking

The Desert land of the city is the highlight of Dubai. Without enjoying these sand dunes, no Dubai trip is complete. Riding by Quad biking is the best way to enjoy the golden sand as well as an adventure when you bounce up and down with dunes.

Family Trip to Dubai

A family trip to Dubai can be an exciting and memorable experience for a lifetime. Tours to Dubai offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions and activities that could add fun to your family trip; let’s give a look into this:

Visit Dubai Parks and Resorts

This entertainment complex features several theme parks, including Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Legoland Dubai. It's a perfect place for a fun-filled day with the whole family.

Discover the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Located in The Dubai Mall, the aquarium offers a mesmerizing experience with a wide variety of marine life. This is a mandatory attraction to visit if you are on a trip with kids as it provides an educational experience. You can walk through the underwater tunnel or even go diving with sharks.

Visit KidZania Dubai

The Dubai Mall, KidZania is an interactive educational theme park where kids can role-play various professions in a realistic setting. It's a great way for children to have fun while learning.

Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

Located next to Dubai Miracle Garden, the butterfly garden is a tropical paradise filled with vibrant butterflies. It offers a unique and serene experience for the whole family. Do not forget to click some Insta-perfect pictures with your family.

Fun things to do in Dubai

If you are a fun-loving person who is always ready to do some fun and enjoyable activities then Dubai will not disappoint you. We rounded some activities that if fun for wanders are:

Aventura Parks

Unleash your love for nature while you swing from one tree to another tree. Dubai’s zipline park has a heavy range of activities to choose from giant swings, ziplines, and rope courses. All of these things add fun to your tour packages from Dubai.

Cracking glass door and walk

Another fun thing to do in Dubai enjoys the Burj Khalifa from 124 and 125th floor’s observational ducks. Here you can walk onto a glass floor that cracks with every step you take. This is the latest illustration of the virtual reality experience.

Dive into the deepest pool

If you are a water baby then this place is a paradise for you. With a depth of 60 meters, you can witness a different underwater world that seems like a sunken city. You can also learn the swimming with experts and can enjoy the rest of the activity under the surveillance of professionals.

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FAQ's About Tour Packages Dubai


Dubai offers multiple choices of activities for kids. There are various activities and attractions that you must include in tour packages Dubai if you are traveling with kids. These activities include Ferrari World where your kid can fulfill his fascination with cars. Another activity that could make you and your family excited is the aquaventure waterpark. Along with it Legoland, Dubai Aquarium, and Jam Jar are some activities that should be on the list.

Without a pinch of doubt, tours to Dubai are safe for female solo travelers. Although, people believe that Arabic countries are not safe for women but the crime rate in Dubai is very low in compared to other countries which makes it a safe place. 

Being a melting pot of culture, Dubai is the hotspot of cuisines all around the world. From sweet to spicy flavor, you will get tons of variety that melt into the back of your mouth. This list includes dishes like Luqaimat served with date sauce and a topping of sesame seeds, Knafeh- a Palestine dish, Turkish cocktail, Samboosa,  and Machboos. Plan your Dubai tours with these dishes and cuisines.

To make the tour packages of Dubai cheap, summers are the best time to visit. During this weather, prices of tickets and fares are usually cheap due to reduced tourism activity. Also, you can get cheap accommodation in luxury hotels. 

To visit and explore Dubai, winter is the best time as the weather is pleasant, and tours to Dubai can include all the activities, attractions, and places without thinking about the scorching heat of this tropical land. 

The cost of a Dubai visa varies as per factors like the country of the applicant, types of visa, and other visa policies. If you are seeking tour packages in Dubai then must get familiar with the visa policies and details. 

Among all the options, 5 days/4 nights tour packages for Dubai are immensely popular as 5 days are enough to explore all the activities and attractions. Also, this package would allow you to take a rest in luxury hotels in Dubai with a spellbound view. 

Usually, it takes 3-4 working days to receive the visa for Dubai. Although, sometimes it could take more days due to technical issues. If you are planning tour packages of Dubai then choose a visa at your convenience. Some nations are also eligible for visas on arrival to Dubai. So before applying for a visa, considered this eligibility. 

Visa on arrival in Dubai depends on the nationality of the applicants. If you are opting trip to Dubai then check the eligibility of countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, and many more.