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Terms And Conditions Dubai

Dubai is a magnificent country to visit for recreation with your family and friends. It is the most popular country in its area and hosts millions of tourists every year. From from all the countries visit Dubai. You will find more international tourists in Dubai during all the months of the year. Dubai gives a perfect atmosphere for a great trip. It is also a famous honeymoon destination. Dubai is a very advanced countries. Thus, knowing about the tourism potential of Dubai, we provide mind blowing tour packages to Dubai. There are certain terms and condition that you need to know before booking our amazing packages. These terms and conditions are given below:

Terms and conditions for Dubai tour packages:

Our pricing policy is related with economic pricing along free online reservations. Without prior notice all the publishing rates changes. We need bank details along with credit card, visa card or mastercard. Full payment should be done by credit card. The cardholder should copy all the details of transactions with many merchandise policies. You will always receive a confirmation after submitted quoted amount. All the travel companies will send you confirmation slip by a email, you can have a print of that copy as the evidence of full payment submitted. 

Cancellation policy :

It is prior to make cancellation policy, you should be alway recommended to read all the cancellation rules before booking any trip that will be applied to your package. You have send a written request regarding cancellation of any tour

● If you cancelled your trip more than 48 hours which are prior to the date of tour : no charges will be applicable. 

● If 28 to 48 days are prior to tour date, 50% of charges of total quoted amount is charged 

● 100% cancellation fee is charged, for cancelling tour in 7 days prior to tour date. 

● By original mode of payment, all refunding is done. 

This piece of information is very important. You never know about the situation that may arise anytime. Thus, you must known about if something happens and you suppose that you want to cancel the trip after booking, what will be the procedure. Thus, our cancellation policy is the most flexible as compared to other packages. We understand each and every problem that may arise and have a solution accordingly. 

Itinerary Amendment : 

Your trip dates can change due to weather, air flights schedule and other major aspects. Depending on option, we can later provide you better options. 

● You should have travelling insurance, it will make your journey easy and convenient 

● During travelling, loss of any baggage , injury and other illness charges are made possible by this insurance 

While your travel, you must be content that you and every item with you must be safe. Thus, for this our itinerary amendment policy is available. 

Travel Documents : 

Be ensure about bringing all the documents with you to the office, before leaving for any trip, we have to check them and inquire about it. We will provide all the necessary documents to you so that there is no hindrance while you will be on your trip to dubai. The travel documents include:

● Your visa and passport that will be checked here as well as in Dubai. This check can be made anytime and anywhere. 

● All the facility receipts that will be made available to you for smooth trip. 

The travel documents are very important especially when you are in a foreign location on our trust. 

These are all the terms and conditions for our Dubai tour packages. This is all about terms and conditions for Dubai tour packages.

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