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How To Reach Dubai

Dubai is a hot and humid country. It is covered on all sides by Arabian deserts and thus one would think that it won’t be a well developed country. But in contrary, Dubai is considered to be one of the most developed country in every field. Dubai is advanced in the field like science, technology, trade, architecture, etc. Due to the development of Dubai as an advanced country, it has become one of the largest economy of the world. Dubai is a great tourist destination. Dubai recorded a visit of more than 1 billion tourists during last two year. It is famous all over the world for summer trips and holidays. Dubai is a country surrounded by tourist destination countries. The immediate neighbours of Dubai are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. Dubai hosts millions of tourists every year who come from all the parts of the world. 

Dubai is famous for so many things. These are given below:

● The climate of Dubai is perfect for summer holidays and trips. 

● The beaches provide the best environment for beach holidays. 

● The shopping experience in Dubai is amazing. 

● The nightlife of Dubai is world famous. 

● There are so many wonderful places to visit in Dubai. The sightseeing options in Dubai are mind blowing. You get to see the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. 

● The food of Dubai is famous all over the world. There are world famous restaurants in Dubai. Some of them are even underwater. 

Thus, you can easily conclude from the above that Dubai is a wonderful place to visit. But before visiting any country, in this case Dubai, you must gather all the information about how to visit Dubai. Here we will be talking about the same. 

How to reach Dubai:

To commute in this biggest emirate of UAE, Dubai you can reach by many ways. First you have to apply for visa of Dubai. And once you reach Dubai, you can move from one place to another by waterbuses, monorails, metros and cars. These are the internal ways to travel in Dubai. But as far as country to country travelling is concerned, there are following ways to visit Dubai. 

By Air:

In UAE, Dubai international airport is the busiest airport among all airports of UAE. Official airline of this airport is Emirate Airport. This airline connects dubai with more than 200 countries all around the world. You can enter this country by from Sharjah, were major airline is Air Arabia. You can hire a taxi once you reach this place. Some of the frequent airlines for reaching dubai are Emirate airlines and Flydubai. 

By Road:

From Oman you can reach Dubai by many beautiful ways. Busses facilities are available from Masafi, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. You can reach Dubai by these emirates by hired cabes, bus, metros and taxi. In dubai bus traveling option is cheaper and 114 bus travelling routes are available to make travelling easy and fast. From Airports all buses are available. These bus agency includes

● 31 feeders

● 3 buses to (global) Village 

● 48 local buses 

● 31 central buses

● 11 intercity buses

Dubai metro contains only two lines Green and Red line, thus makes it less complicated 

● For Rashidiya to jebel Ali : runs Red line 

● Red line passes through deira, burj khalifa and Dubai international airport 

● Green line connects Burjuman and Dubai Union. 

These are the ways through which you can visit Dubai. This is all about how to reach Dubai. You must have all this information before planning a trip to Dubai. This is one of the most informative piece of detail you should be knowing.

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