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General Information Dubai

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of UAE and lies directly within the Arabian Deserts. The borders of Dubai are shared with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. It is the fastest growing country in terms of technology. It has become one of the world’s largest economy. Dubai lies in the midst of desert but the prosperity in the field of science and technology has made it an advanced country. Dubai is a very beautiful place to visit with your family. It has become recently more famous with the construction of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Dubai has a wide variety of bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy the nightlife. It provides a great scene for all the types of entertainments. The are huge shopping malls in Dubai where you can enjoy the pleasure of a great shopping. There are many places to visit in Dubai. Dubai is the most populous country in UE United Emirates. Amount the seven emirates of Arab, Dubai is the second largest emirate. In dubai population is around 3 millions. Among the 7 emirates, dubai is the only one emirate where you explore visit to temples and mosque. 

Dubai history:

From UAE National’s lifestyle, culture of dubai is of Islamic Religion. All the people of dubai are so much protective towards their culture and religion. In the Middle East Dubai is popular for entertainment life. But for the people of Dubai, it is forbidden to be part of entertainment. Alcohol is not allowed in the public, but alcohol intake is allowed within bars, restaurants and hotel premises. And in the streets visitors are not allowed to flaunt in their culture. Their are traditional dresses used by men and women of dubai. Traditional dress for men are kandura or dishbada and traditional dress for women are abaya. 

Language of Dubai:

Arabic is the official language of the country Dubai, many people in workplace use many languages also like English, Italian or french. In dubai we always see many people of different nationalities. But for convenience of every tourist and other nationality people, English and Arabic language are found in shop, airport, restaurants and roads. 

Geography of Dubai:

Creek of dubai offers fascinating aspects of geography. Creeks are divided into main 2 parts. In persian gulf these creeks are inlet with 9.5 miles. They all are developed along the coast of Jumeirah. 

● North creek is known as Deira 

● South creek is known as Bur Dubai.

In south Abu Dhabi surrounds Dubai. From northeast Sharjah and from northeast Oman surrounds Dubai. UAE is crossed by the tropic of Cancer line, and the Dubai climate is sunny and warm. The average daytime temperature in winters is 30°C, and 15°C near the coastal areas. Dubai climate is so much hot in summer days and night. In dubai rainfall is not common, they last for short time, around 6 times rainfall in a year.

Dubai Economy:

Dubai is one of the popular and important destination for tourists. Mainly its port known as Jebel Ali Port is the centre of exporting trade for all Middle East.  In full UAE, this country Dubai is the richest emirate and is ranked to be 2nd wealthiest emirate. First emirate is the Abu Dhabi. Dubai is also known as The City Of Gold.

Dubai Culture:

Dubai was a country whose culture was ingrained in Islam. But now, as a result of globalisation and migration of people from different countries, Dubai has turned into a country with diverse culture. However, you will definitely find the influence of the Arab culture more prominent than other cultures.

The above information was all about the beautiful country of Dubai. It was just a small initiative to give you some glimpse about Dubai.

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