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Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab - Dubai

Dubai is a developed country which is becoming a major tourists destination year by year.. It is the largest part of UAE. Millions and millions of tourists have visited Dubai for recreation and they have been visiting with their families and loved ones. Still you can find a massive number of tourist visiting Dubai every year. Dubai is a country which can be found on the Persian Gulf coast of UAE and it is in direct touch with the Arabian Deserts. Dubai is connected to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. It is becoming the fastest growing economy and a country as a whole in terms of science and  technology and has developed into a mega country, it can be said. It has become one of the world’s largest economy due to its tourism from past decades. Despite being a desert, the prosperity in the field of science and technology has given it a name of an advanced country. Dubai is a very beautiful place to visit and it can be visited with your family on a vacation or on a honeymoon with your wife. You can visit Dubai in any season you like. It has become recently even more popular throughout the world with the construction of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Another masterpiece found in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab. It is also known as the tower of Dubai and here we will be discussing about Burj Al Arab


Well known tower of dubai is the Burj Al Arab. Which is the top luxurious hotel in the Dubai UAE. In the world it is the world's 3rd tallest hotel building. Burj Al Arab is located on the man made island which is almost 920 feets away from the Jumeirah beach. A private curving beach connects the Burj Al Arab with the mainland. The shape of this hotel building similar to the sail of ship. It consist the large helipad on the top of the building which is located at the height of 210 metres. The full architecture of the building is high tech. This luxurious hotel was opened in 1999. It took almost 6 year to construct the full structure.  The  total architectural height of Burj Al Arab is 321 metres and height of top floor is 195 metres. Total number of floor are 56, and 3 more floors are underground. 

Main features of the Burj Al Arab are :

>> Al Mahara Restaurant : It is the 5 start restaurant which is accessed mainly by submarine Voyage. It is also known as Oyster. Here the best feature is the large aquamarine with large species of fishes and other aquamarine creatures. 

>> Al Muntaha Restaurant : It is also known by the name of The Ultimate, which is situated 660 feets above Persian Gulf. It offers full view of dubai. 

>> Seven star hotel : here you can see 202 luxurious rooms which is managed and authorised by the Group of Jumeirah. The largest suit is spreaded over the area of 8,400 square feet. Here you can experience the more lavish lifestyle by experiencing the Royal suits. 

Burj Al Arab is one of the top 5 iconic hotel in the landmark of Dubai Emirates. It's main features is its location on the artificial triangular island. Here you can see the full panoramic views of Arabian Gulf. The interior of this hotel is full of lush suites and finest delicacies. 

This was all about the Burj Al Arab. When you plan your visit to Dubai, you must visit this beautiful place also known to be the tower of Dubai. The visit to Burj Al Arab will surely fascinate you.

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