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Visa Enquiry Dubai

Visa Enquiry - Dubai

Dubai is the largest part of UAE. It is the most famous prt all over the world and is considered as a major tourist spot. Dubai is a very popular country which hosts millions of tourists every year. It is surrounded from all the sides by deserts but has become a developed country in the fields of science and architecture. Dubai is visited every year by more than 50 million tourists. There are many reasons for such a massive number. Dubai tourism offers the best environment for all kinds of tourists and their trips. Here you get to do so many wonderful things and as far as sightseeing is concerned, Dubai is considered to offer the best views. Dubai is popular all over the world for having the largest building of the world, The Burj Khalifa which is situated in the main city where you also witness the largest musical fountain of the world. Dubai is also very famous for Dubai Mall. As it is the largest mall of the world in terms of area. 

Dubai is known for its vibrant nightlife and shopping atmosphere. The Dubai mall consists of more than 1200 stores with confined areas for entertainment, sports and eating. During your tour of Dubai, you will be provided with an extraordinary experience of camping in the heart of desert. As far as architecture is concerned, Dubai has constructed great masterpieces. Dubai is a wonderful place to visit. But before visiting dubai, you must have all the knowledge about the visa procedures to be followed. These are discussed below:

Visa enquiry for Dubai:

All the Visa enquiry are done online in UAE. You can check the status, tracking address and other information about your visa. The ministry of Interior call centre is always available to help tourists regarding visa enquiry, its toll free number is 800511. The fee of visas vary according to its location. Its cost even change after time to time. According to the visa category, the applicant has applied, he or she must should submit total quoted visa application form fee. The visa application fee list is issued by the Ministry of Interiors. In each emirate fee is different. Depending upon the applied visa type, processing time for its enquiry can take a time upto 4 to 5 days. 

● For urgent basis requirements of visa, application fee is expanded by extra AED 100.

● On its service card, you can check the time required for processing 

● If any of the tourists overstay, the fine should be paid about AED 200 for first day per person, than for each day he have to pay AED 100 Per day. 

● There are 30 day grace period for UAE residents after visa enquiry. They are fined AED 125 if they overstay and AED 25 for each day stay. 

● Fine Charge of AED 50, after overstay of six months. 

● For one year overstay period, charges are AED 100 for each day. 

Modifying status of visa:

Under the special ministry resolution, all the Visas can be modified even staying in that country. They can transfer any type of visa into resident visa of that preferred country. The charge of this residents visa is AED 550 per person. Some of the important information regarding checking the status, tracking, issuing or cancellation of your visa are as following :

 >> You can visit website of the Ministry Of Interior for checking validity of your visa. 

>> You can visit smart echannel of Ministry of Interior for tracking the process of your visa application. 

>> For establishment visit Fawri visa system for all the enquiry of your eVisa

>> Visit the General Directorate of foreign affairs and residency website for checking validity of Dubai visa. 

Above is given all the necessary information about the visa procedures to be followed while visiting Dubai.

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