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Top 5 Casinos Dubai

Top 5 Casinos - Dubai
Dubai is one of the most popular country of UAE and overall of the world as far as tourism is concerned. Dubai is well known for luxurious holiday trips, great shopping activities, unlimited desert adventure, fascinatingly enjoyable vacations, lively nightlife scenes, etc. In Dubai, you get to visit a large numbers of sky touching buildings. These offers the most awesome view of Dubai Skyline and of the whole city. The most popular one is the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest buildings of the world. In Dubai city, you will also have the experience the beautiful view of musical fountain. It is considered to be the highest musical fountain of the world. The chemistry of this fountain with music is so unique. You also get to see the best resort in Dubai- the Palm Resort. This is a 7-star resort and is considered to be the most unique and beautiful throughout the world. It offers so many wonderful things to do during vacations. Dubai also has many popular large beaches among which Jumeirah beach is the most popular and the most visited. In Dubai, you get to do many marine activities as well like scuba diving, swimming with dolphin at the Dolphin Bay, etc. 
Dubai provides a complete package for a perfect vacation. Here you can choose to visit with anyone may it be your family or friends. For a trip with friends, Dubai at the same time is very much adventurous. The other thing Dubai is known for is its nightlife. The nightlife of Dubai is the most decent nightlife you will ever find. There are bars and casinos running only on license. You will not find q bar without license in Dubai. The Casinos are also maintained under rules and there are many casinos to enjoy the nightlife. The top 5 Casinos in or near Dubai are:
1- Grand Turkmen Casino:
This casino provides you with the service of 150 slot machines and 10 different variety of table games. No doubt it has been given the 2nd spot in the top 5 list as you can spend all your nights while you are on your trip.
2- Shangri La Casino:
This is a great casino. It has 200 slot machines, 15 poker and many other table games. It is considered to be the most exotic casino. Here you will be able to enjoy the nightlife from 6 pm to 3 am as it is its timing.
3- Safari Casino Club:
This casino is located in the centre capital of the tourism. It attracts millions of tourists every year. It serves throughout the year and is the largest casino. Here you find the most number of tables and table games. This casino has always been the centre of nightlife for tourists.
4- Aden Bay Casino:
Aden Casino is a part of hotel Sheraton Djibouti. Apart from providing the best room services, this hotel is famous for its Aden Bay Casino. At this casino, gamblers get to play a variety of table games which is always interesting. A lounge bar is also available to enjoy your drinks and while your stay, you can enjoy the nightlife of Dubai in the same hotel you are staying.
5- Parisian Casino:
The Parisian Casino is located in the city of Tsakhkadzor. It is a city with a population of 1600 people. This casino welcomes you throughout the year in a very pleasant manner. There are many slot machines available in this Casino. Many table games are played here such as blackjack, etc. There always remains a pleasant atmosphere in this Casino. The presence of electronic casters is also a special feature of this place.

Above were given the top 5 casinos of Dubai. While enjoying the nightlife of Dubai, you must visit these casinos to enjoy some game time and some gamble with your luck.

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