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Top 10 Hawker Centers Dubai

Top 10 Hawker Centers - Dubai

Although Dubai might be known the best for being a glorious city teeming with shopping, malls, and fancy restaurants, most of the people don’t realize that street food in Dubai is also the dream of a traveler. Here’s a secret to what the Dubai locals actually eat.


Made either with thin sliced chicken, beef or lamb, this is the most common as well as filling street food in Dubai. Rolled in soft bread and filled with fresh onions, vegetables, and delicious spicy creamy sauce, this is the best street food to try in Dubai.

Chips Oman Roll

Dubai’s most favorite snacks from childhood days, the roll is solid and can be found in every roadside eatery. A simple roll made with spreader cheese and smashed potato chips, this dish remains an absolute favorite among children and it is the best food in Dubai for the ones who are looking for the quick snack down the memory lane.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich

It is another sandwich or roll which is popular in Dubai and yet it is unknown to the tourists. Filled with spices and garlic, the thin cut chicken is pressed flat against the bread and then rolled with other pickles or vegetables. The taste of this dish is out of the world and also considered as the best-found street food in Dubai.


Another delicious best food in Dubai is Manakkish which is a large bread cooked in the oven with toppings on top, just like a pizza. You can choose from vegetable toppings or meat toppings to olive oil and thyme, and you’ll never regret ordering one for you.


Originally from India and based on Indian dish ‘samosa’, these are the triangle in shape with stuffed pastries. Filled with vegetables, succulent meats as well as spices, this is the famous snack for the long car ride. Be careful as they can be addictive and you might lose count on how many you have eaten.

Karak with Fried Donuts

This is said to be the national drink and the symbol of Dubai. Made mainly with spices and cream, one can take a drink in paper cups at any roadside eatery. The best thing to have with this delicious tea is fried donuts that are sprinkled with sugar on the top. Once you have had this street food in Dubai, you’ll realize why it is one of the best cities in the world.


This is a dessert street food which is famous among the emirates. These are the fried balls of dough so that outside remain crispy while inside it remain still hot and fluffy. For the finishing touch, sprinkle the date syrup or honey on top.

Squeezed Juices 

Even though Dubai is in the middle of the desert, the fresh juice made with fruits sold alongside every single street in Dubai. With a variety of mixes and flavors, choosing which juice you want to have will leave you wanting to drink everything. It is the best food in Dubai to taste.


It is the best snack in Dubai which is a wheat-flour ball filled with goodness. They are served typically with tempura vegetables, octopus, onion and pickled ginger inside which is served with a sauce. 


Enjoyed in various regions as well as civilizations, this dish comes in all the sizes and shapes and is a layer of walnuts, pistachios, almonds and it is filled with rose water and sugary syrup. This is the best food in Dubai which is must to try.

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