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Top 10 Dishes Dubai

Top 10 Dishes - Dubai

In dubai you can experience the luxurious dining with taste of multi cuisine dishes, Egyptian inspired sweet dishes and makes your wish granted to taste the dish which can take you to fantasy world. Some of the top 10 popular dishes of Dubai are as following :

1.Whole stuffed camel 

This dish is of Camel meat which is of small size and is engastrated with lamb or sheep and stuffed with many ingredients and herbs. The recipe of this dish is published in many famous cookbook. This is Traditional Arabian Dish which are served in all weddings. It is popular among full bedouin and is liked by every sheikh and arab families. Common ingredients of this fish are

● Chicken 

● Boiled eggs

● Fish 

● Rice

● Many herbs

● One lamb

2.Al Machboos 

It is most tender, tasty dish of UAE. Its main ingredients is loomy that is lemon. Meat, onion, rice and dried nuts are cooked together in a water. When the meat is separated, then we add rice to it. Across full gulf area it is famous. It's ingredients are 

● Rice

● Meat 

● Lemon 

● Onion 


It is light vegetarian salad which is crunchy and listed on top of the Arabian Salads. This salad is made of tomatoes, onions, fresh mint and cucumber. It's best appetizer which are ordered with main course. 


One of the most eaten dish of UAE is Shawarma which is also famous among all Asian Countries. This dish can be made of chicken or meat. Every restaurant can cook this on your choice. In the street fool of the Dubai you can see different shawarma which are served in Unique and different manner. This dish is similar to the famous dish Kebab. Preparation of this dish can also be different.Shawarma is complemented with many fruits like strawberry and different fruit smoothies. Some of the ingredients used in this dish are

● Fries

● Tomatoes 

● Garlic sauce

● Chicken

● Roti

● Veggies. 


It is one of the popular and tasty dip which is made of tahini, lemon oil, chickpeas, garlic, salt and olive oil. It is served with many dishes like Shawarma, pita bread and used in many international dishes. It is one of the favourite food of full UAE. 


The taste of this dish is truly exotic and is famous dish of full UAE. In a single pot meat, wheat and garlic are cooked for longer time together along with pinch of salt. After some time we can see paste of these ingredients like smooth paste. It is full of rich salt meat taste. It is complemented with the ghee and  fried brown onion. It ingredients are

● Wheat

● Meat

● Salt

● Garlic 

● Ghee

● Milk

● Onion


According to the demand of food this is liked by both countries of UAE and Asian. 

This dish is healthy and is made of meat and wheat. It is elegant and simple to cook dish but it is cooked in longer time than other famous dishes.

8. Kunafa

It is best cheese pastry which is best Emirates version, this pastry is filled with best quality melted cheese and then it is coated with egg paste. This is finger licking pastry. 

9. Falafel 

This is famous street snack like Shawarma, these are fried fillings of chickpeas, crunchy bread and many spices. These snacks are served with many unique taste dips which compliment this Falafel. 

10. Ghuzi

It is mouth watering dish which is made of roasted lamb meat and are served with kebab, falafel and dips. This dish is seasoned with nuts, vegetables and steamed rice. It is famous dish among full Middle East Countries.

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