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Three Great Light Show Dubai

Three Great Light Show - Dubai

Dubai is a great place to visit for trips. It is the most famous country in gulf. Millions of people visit Dubai. Dubai has the number 1 of everything. You will find many mind blowing things in Dubai. Like the largest building in Dubai, the highest music fountain of the world is in Dubai, the largest shopping mall of the world is in Dubai, etc. There are a lot of things to discuss about Dubai. Here we will discuss about the light shows of Dubai. The three great light shows in Dubai are given below:

Three great light shows in Dubai:

Dubai is more famous for having the light shows in the evening. There are three major light shows to see in Dubai. The largest light musical fountain in the world is found in Dubai. The major three light shows of Dubai are given below:


Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest skyscraper in dubai, which is popular throughout the full Middle East, this skyscraper is the main hotspot for all the displays of firework and different lights. On the Eve of  New Year everyone visit to this skyscraper to enjoy there eve with delightful displays. The full Burj Khalifa is lightened and sparkled with different laser lights. On the 2018 Eve New Year, the Light Up 2018 Show was organised. This show start at the 5pm along with the live music show near the fountain of dubai. This display light show is recorded in the Guinness Book of Record as it is the large and beautiful light show which is displayed on the single building of Burj Khalifa. You can experience the Light up show 2018 in the end of march. The Downtown Dubai is fully transformed into the luminous and bright city.


The most luxurious hotel in the world is Burj Al Arab which is 7 stars and here you experience the top class cuisine with different blends. It offers the pinnacle of the elegance. For new year celebration, burj al arab organize a light show on the every end of year with the huge magnificent firework. This is one of the amazing event organised in full UAE. Here you can experience mesmerising features of this light display show, where visitors can relax on the area of 109,586 square metres to see this show which is equal to the area of 30 football pitches. 

● The new panel display of LED are used. Which have pixel of 1.1 millions,  around more than 120 tons of beam is lumens the brightness of the Burj Al Arab light show. 


Atlantis resort is one of the best resort of the UAE which offers all the best features to display. Every year you can experience the display light show here which is organised by the Palm Jumeirah in the Jumeirah. For this display, you can book a room in this resort and see the full display show from window. 

You can experience the best light show projection even of the sand dunes, falcons and Arabic calligraphy on the huge buildings. Year of Zayed is one of the magnificent homage show which is full of traditional of Middle East. Here you can see the portrait of the UAE founder Sheikh Zayed Sultan. 

These are the Three great light shows in Dubai. All the important things about these light shows is given above. These are famous all over the world and millions of tourists visit them. You must also visit these light shows if you find yourself in Dubai for holidays or vacations.

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