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Things To Do Dubai

Things To Do - Dubai

Dubai is a very advanced country in all respects. It is a famous country for breaking the records of the world. Here you will find most of the no. 1’s of the world. Like the tallest building of the world, the largest Mall of the world, etc. Millions of people visit Dubai with their family for recreation. It provides you with many things to do and many places to visit. Dubai is considered to be a very beautiful country. It is the largest part of UAE and has deserts all around it. It is already a developed country and is still developing at a tremendous pace. It has grown as the fastest economy of the present. It is very famous for hosting millions and millions of tourists. In a survey which recently took place,Dubai was ranked as the 7th in the world’s most visited countries. The tourism sector of Dubai is very importance as it helps in maintaining its economic needs and stability. The tourists all around the world mainly get attracted by the advancement of Dubai and the shopping places. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall of the world. The culture here is mainly islamic but you can enjoy the nightlife of Dubai in a licensed bars and clubs much comfortably. There are many things to do in Dubai. Some of them are given below:

Skydiving in Dubai : 

This destination Dubai is all time favourite and amazing place to visit for vacations, the best way to explore the Dubai Skyline is by skydiving. This diving is done all the year. Skydiving offers unique adrenaline rush.  Skydive Dubai is the location of this activity, this location is the premier location for skydiving. You can see Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and many beaches. Here ypj can visit Skydive Cafe to relax with having coffee and watching skydivers. 

For one person it approximate price is 199 AED

Underwater Zoo and aquarium :

In the world one of the largest aquariums  is Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium, this also holds each and every record for the housing of world’s largest acrylic panel, like here we can see gigantic crocodile. It is open full year for tourists 

Location: It is embedded inside the Dubai Mall. It is one of the most popular and famous underwater zoo. Here are many types of packages, starting price of the zoo tickets is 100 AED to 300 AED. Here you can explore the 140 species of aquatic animals. 

● 20 metres wide

● 11 metres of height

● 51 metres Length

Dubai Desert Safari :

Undoubtedly it the best thing to do in Dubai. This tour starts from afternoon, travelling to desert, you drive in the Hummer in the desert and see the beautiful sunset, many packages are available at different rates. In desert you can see panoramic view of dubai desert. This activity is done from 3:30pm to 11 pm, cost of per person is from  200 AED to 400 AED. You can also explore following things here in the desert :

● Desert safari along with BBQ

● Desert safari in monstrous Hammer 

● Camel ride

● Hot balloon ride. 

● Belly dance show

● Lavish dinner

 Dubai city tower :

By this activity you will be wonderstruck. In dubai you can make you trip thrilling and wonderful, here all around you can see landscapes and beautiful tall building. It is the tower of Burj Al Arab, from here you can see exoctic islands, tall buildings, mosques and many beauties. The price of dubai sightseeing from Dubai city tower is of different price, for one person minimum package cost is 40 AED. 

Dubai Marina Dinner in cruise :

While engaging in the dinner cruise experience more ultimate and unique luxury in Dubai. Indulge in the lavish activities and explore iconic view of dubai from water. Approximate price for per person is from 300 AED to 500 AED. Below are some lavish and luxurious cuisine in dubai 

● Veera 6

● Relax tour

● Dubai cruises

● Al Mansour Dhow

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