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Textile Souk Dubai

Textile Souk - Dubai

Dubai is a country much active in the gulf for hosting millions of tourists. It is a major part of UAE and also the most popular part among the other parts of UAE. Being the largest part of UAE, Dubai is known as the best tourist place to visit in the gulf. In the recent decades, the tourism sector of Dubai has developed a lot and it is the main industry to contribute to the economy of Dubai. Tourism of Dubai has been successful in providing a comfortable environment for millions of people to visit. Dubai is a country which offers the best atmosphere for a perfect trip or vacation. People from all around the world visit Dubai for recreation. The borders of Dubai are connected to Abu Dhabi, Oman and Sharjah which are its neighbours. You can even visit these places while your visit to Dubai. Dubai has developed on a tremendous pace and this development in the field of architecture been the major reason as to why so many people get attracted towards this beautiful country. In a survey, more than half a billion tourists visit Dubai for recreation every year.

The reason for more than half a billion of  people visiting Dubai every year is the great places to visit here. There are places which are beautiful naturally while other places are man- made and beautiful. People from all the countries of the world plan their holidays in  Dubai and get fascinated by this country. In Dubai, there are so many places to visit that it is difficult to visit all these places of Dubai in one go. Dubai is also famous for the shopping places which are present there. One of such a place is the Textile Souk. We will discuss about it below:


Textile souk is the oldest souk of Dubai and here you will experience so much colourful era of  silk, garments,velvets,voiles, satin and many expensive fabrics. This market is located in the Bur Dubai which is spreaded on the Dubai Creek side, and it is easy to reach this market by abra which is the traditional boat of dubai which only costs one dirham for one person. While going to the Textile souk you  will experience the visit of Dubai Creek too along with the experience of travelling in the abra. The main speciality of this market which makes its different from the other textile markets is that here you can find choice with massive types of fibres and all your need of shopping will be completed. All the shops are beautifully designed, they are symmetrical along the line and these shops are made of stones with beautiful wooden roof. Here you can also find souvenirs, trailers, shoes shop and street food. 

Textile souk is opposite to the other souks of Dubai like gold souk and spice souks. 

● It is located on the Ali bin abi Talib Street, opposite Abra, Bur Dubai 

● It is open for full week from 8am to 9pm

● It is also known as old souk

This is one of the oldest shopping places in Dubai and you will find unique things here. You must try to visit Textile Souk if you are staying near it. It is a great place to visit for shopping. Locals of Dubai usually visit this place. Above information was all the important things you should know about the Textile Souk. So, try to keep Textile Souk in your list of shopping places when you get a chance to visit Dubai. You will definitely love the visit to this Textile Souk.

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