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Reviews Dubai

Dubai - one of the best place to visit for recreation with your family or friends. People from every nook and corner of the world visit Dubai. It is a very famous tourist spot and has been attracting millions of tourists every year. Dubai has got many attracting features. One amazing feature is the mind blowing architecture in Dubai which can be seen in the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa. 

Apart from this, people usually plan their trips to Dubai but want to know about tourist reviews. So, here we will give you some of the tourists reviews about Dubai. 

Dubai Reviews:

While you decide your holiday trips or other tours to Dubai, it can be a tricky ask. The best opinion everyone will give you is the check on the reviews about Dubai before planning a trip to Dubai. Thus, here we have collected all the necessary reviews about Dubai. We have classified our reviews on the basis of services, facilities as well as places to visit in Dubai. These reviews are taken from many tourists who have already visited Dubai. Thus, this abstract will help you decide to plan your holiday in Dubai. These are given below:


We will quote some of the reviews given by tourists about the accomodation in Dubai. These are:

● “We landed in Dubai and the first thing we did was to head towards the hotel. In the way, we say so many hotels which were wonderful as far as architecture was concerned. We reaches the place where our accomodation was arranged and the rooms were awesome. In Dubai, you will not have to compromise in accomodation for sure. There are so many options available to you.”

● “Wherever we went, our accomodation was of a great quality. It was so comfortable and the service was excellent as well.”

● “I think there is no accomodation service in Dubai under a rating of five stars.”


As the travellers quoted, “the food in Dubai is brought directly from the heavens”. Below are given some of the reviews about Dubai food:

● “The food we had at Revo cafe was amazing. You can never complain about the food of Dubai.”

● We are a couple and we used to go out for a dinner in Merina for the whole trip. The food that was served to us was mind blowing.”

● “I would rate the food of Dubai more than 5 stars.”


Some of the reviews are given below:

● “What i heard about the sightseeing in Dubai was very less than what i experience. I went to the Burj Khalifa and found myself floating in the sky. I heavenly experience for sure.”

● “We visited most of the amazing places in Dubai and we are taking with us, the memories of our life.”


Some of the reviews for shopping in Dubai are given below:

● “The experience of shopping offered by Dubai Mall is amazing. I enjoyed the visit to Dubai mall with my family as we did a lot of shopping plus there were gaming areas for children to enjoy.”

● “Dubai is a mind blowing shopping place. Saying this with utmost confidence, i went to almost all the shopping places of Dubai.”


Some of the reviews on different activities of Dubai are given below:

● “I went out for skydiving and wow! It was an amazing experience.”

● “The beaches in Dubai are full of great activities. You don’t have time to breathe in Dubai as you will find yourself doing this thing or that thing all the time.”

These are all the reviews we got from the tourists who have already visited Dubai. Above is given all the information about Dubai Reviews.

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