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Privacy Policy Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful gulf country to visit as far as tourism is concerned. It is a very beautiful tourist destination and is one of the major and the largest part of UAE. Its tourism has been working day night and has been  able to provide a mind blowing atmosphere for all types of trips. Dubai is an amazing place to visit with family. Millions of people love to visit with their family to enjoy the sightseeing and wonderful amusement parks of Dubai. During a family tour, you also get to see the museum as well as great family restaurants. They visit Dubai as there are so many great places for shopping. People also like to visit with their friends. As far as adventurous trip with friends is concerned, Dubai provides a great atmosphere for so many adventurous activities for the tourists. Dubai is also known as a great honeymoon destination. Newly married couples, hundreds in number, visit Dubai every year and enjoy the most romantic environment offered by the cruises in Dubai as well as its amazingly romantic restaurants. Thus, Dubai is a complete packages in all respects as far as any kind of trip is concerned. 

Dubai is visited by millions of immigrants for settling in Dubai and this has become a reason for why Dubai has become one of the most diverse country in cultural and traditional aspects. You will find all the world cultures in Dubai including the one followed in your country. . Dubai has also a delicious range of food recipes and eating outs available which will make your trip even more beautiful. People also get to enjoy some electrifying environment of Dubai nightlife. But before visiting Dubai, you should know about our privacy policies for Dubai tour packages. 

Privacy policy for Dubai tour:

The privacy of all the tourists is important to all of us. We are always committed towards your privacy and protection. As for the vacations planning we have to make many reservation in hotels, spas, restaurants, flights, car rental and clubs,for that we need your all private information like we will ask for your name, address, telephone number, credit card details, bank details. For managing all other reservation, we make a simple user account on our website so that you can allow us to save your all given private information with us, for previous booking reviews and to manage all future reservation. We collect all the cookies details, IP address, application version, operating system and about pages. We use your personal details for following things :

● Account Administration 

● Customer service 

● Guest reviews 

● Reservation 

● Marketing activities 

● Improving the service 

● Prevention of Fraud things 

First thing used for online reservations is your personal data, and for more help we provide global customers services in all languages 24/7 services. On our website we offer all the account facilities so that it can allow us to manage booking service with special offers. We use free application for all mobile with regular version of website which are optimized on mobile devices also. On that application, you can get daily notification , offers and flights information. 

Your personal information can be shared by third parties where you make reservations like hotel, restaurants, airports and car rentals. This is done in accordance to the law related with data protection. Following are some of the third parties, with which we can disclose your private information :

1. Related brands and entities

2. Prospective purchaser

3. Travel wholesaler

4. Car rental companies 

5. Our suppliers, contractors 

6. Government agencies 

7. Enforcement agencies 

These are the privacy policies available for the tour of Dubai. This is all about Privacy policy for Dubai tour. You must know about these policies for your benefit before visiting Dubai.

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