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Perfume Souk Dubai

Perfume Souk - Dubai

Dubai is the best place to visit to see the mixture of old cultures and traditions with advanced science and technology. Dubai is located in the deserts which are directly connected to the Arabian deserts. Dubai, in recent years,has become the most famous tourist spot in the gulf. Tourists from all the corners of the world get attracted to Dubai. Apart from being naturally beautiful, the man-made beauty of Dubai is cherished everywhere in the world. Dubai has many popular sky touching building among which Dubai has been awarded with having the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Millions of people enjoy the visit to Dubai every year. The economic development of the Dubai is day by day increasing and that too at a very rapid pace. Large number of immigrant people live in Dubai. They work in many offices, school, and many restaurants which are off on Friday and Saturday of every week. 

Dubai is a highly conservative society having the best vibrant economy as well as development. Here you get to see many attractions like you can feel the leisure complex with expensive yet awesome shopping at the Dubai Mall. There are many other places to visit in Dubai. Shopping is a very important aspect as far as Dubai tourism is concerned. You can have great shopping offers in many malls of Dubai with the best dining options. One of the top ranked shopping place is the Perfume Souk. Here we will discuss some important points about Perfume Souk.


Visit to the perfume souk market and breathe the pleasant aromas of roses, jasmine, herbals, woods and amber. This market is near the other two souk Gold souk and textile souks in the Deira Dubai UAE. The important feature of the Dubai is the fragrance of Arabian culture. 

● In the perfect souk you can create your own type of perfume you want by adding some essential scent oils and many other perfumes. 

● Before you arrive to the perfume souk, your nostrils will tantalise the pleasant and perfect aroma of all the perfumes.

Here you can find different scent products of wood, flowers and even candles. 

● All the perfumes are hypoallergenic as they are made of natural ingredients. The perfume can last upto 8 hours. 

In dubai it is one of the best hallmark where you can experience the best fragrance of Arabian life which is the feature of Dubai UAE. Here you can see all the exotic scent of Dubai. All the varieties are found here from mild perfumes to the potent perfumes. Every perfume of this market is drawn from the natural sense. You can sense different types of perfumes scent on the every breeze. You will find many types of perfumes which are in thousands and are found on many stalls. You you can test your choice of perfume before buying it. As many perfumes can cause irritation on the skin. If you walk along the street of Sikkat al khali and you can reach the perfume Street. In this market all the perfumes are showcased with full fledged along with its formula. 

This is a place where you must go with your family. From adults to children, you get everything in this market. It provides a very good experience for shopping and the prices are also very reasonable. The above information was all the necessary things to know about Perfume Souk. Thus, you must keep this place on your list of places to visit in Dubai whenever you get a chance to come to Dubai for a holiday trip or vacation with your family or friends.

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