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Night Safari Dubai

Night Safari - Dubai

Dubai is an independent sovereign country and is a part of UAE. Dubai is the most developed country in the gulf. It is a very famous tourist spot and millions of tourists visit Dubai with their family and friends. The tourism of Dubai has affected its economy in the most positive manner. It is the most beautiful and developed country for tourists to explore. There are many man-made mind blowing things in Dubai. Dubai provides you with best dining restaurants, luxurious accommodation and iconic nightlife. Here you can witness the scenes of magnificent and sky touching infrastructure which are being surrounded by the desert and making the best views for tourists. The economic growth of the Dubai is day by day touching unlimited heights. People from all parts of the world visit Dubai. There is a large number of immigrant people who have settled in Dubai. Schools, workplaces, shops, etc usually are off on Friday and Saturday. The culture and the tradition of Dubai is very conservative and yet it has best vibrant economy and development in every field. Here you will find many attractive things and places to enjoy your trip like you are provided with the experience of leisure complex with some quality but expensive shopping at the Dubai Mall. The Burj Khalifa is also one of the major attractions in Dubai. It is the tallest building of the world.

One of the major attractions in Dubai is the night safari. Here we will discuss some important things about the night safari at Dubai.

Night safari at Dubai:

You can discover the life of desert by choosing my different packages. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve made a road trip for discovering the desert beauty and it’s wildlife particularly at night. You can enjoy the trip in desert with night vision cameras, binoculars and many spot lights. This is the popular packages for every trip to Dubai, during night you can enjoy the spectacular stargazing along with many refreshments. You can visit many barbeque stalls and grill stalls for awesome dinner under the clear sky with full of stars. This safari tour includes.  This desert trip starts from dubai desert to sharjah desert.  Here you can experience dune bashing, motorbike rides, sand skiing and quad bike. In this package we can experience many popular activities like camel trek is full of leisure and comfort to enjoy the ride in the sand dunes under the sun. And can explore the view of sunset while trekking on camel. 

● Pickup and drop off facilities from hotel. 

● Spotting of many wildlife like scorpio

● Beautiful stargazing with telescope

● Full time guide facility 

● Fast Dune Drive 

● Refreshment available like hot chocolate, coffee, soft drinks and barbecues. 

● Belly dance

● shisha

● Many shows like tanura show and fire show

This is one thrilling packages which offers glimpse of Arabian traditions, cultures and food. And you can see the perfect sceneries of Arab which are at its best. You can go for this package for whole night. As per your convenience you can choose any of the packages like

● Morning Arabian Night Safari

● Night Arabian Safari 

● Evening Arabian Safari. 

You can choose any of the packages according to your convenience. This trip contains many camping site from which we can drive from one dessert site to another site. In the camp you can have all types of food facilities. The main speciality at camp is the gahwa that is one of the best Arabian Coffee which is served along with the dates. 

The above information was all about the Night Safari at Dubai. You must keep this in your list when you will visit Dubai.

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