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Mall Of Emirates Dubai

Mall Of Emirates - Dubai

Dubai is a developed country. It is a major tourists destination in the whole of gulf. It is the largest part of UAE in area and covers most of UAE. Millions and millions of tourists have visited Dubai and are still visiting in search of recreation. They visit Dubai with their families and loved ones. Still you find a massive number of tourist visiting Dubai every year which means that Dubai is offering them the best place for trips and vacations. Dubai is a country which is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of UAE. Its borders are in a direct touch with the Arabian Deserts. Dubai is also connected to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. Day by day, Dubai is becoming the fastest growing economy and a country as a whole in terms of development,advancement, science and  technology. It can be said that it has developed into a mega country. It has become one of the world’s largest economy and most of the credit goes to its tourism industry. Despite being once considered as a desert, the prosperity in the field of science and technology made it possible for Dubai to make a name as the most advanced country. Dubai is a very beautiful place to visit for recreation. It can be visited with your family on a vacation or on a honeymoon with your wife. You can visit Dubai in any season as the whole year can be considered to be the right time to visit Dubai.

Dubai is also famous for its shopping experiences. Dubai has the world’s largest mall. Itt is the Dubai Mall. It has many markets to explore and you can do a lot of shopping in Dubai at a reasonable price. There are many Malls in Dubai. One of the biggest malls in Dubai is the Mall of Emirates.


The Mall of Emirates is one of the biggest shopping Mall in Dubai. This mall is owned by Majid-Al-Futtaim properties. This mall is situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road. The whole description of this mall is given below:

● This gigantic mall features more than 600 retail outlets.

● The number of parking spaces in the mall is 7900.

● There are more than 100 eating outs in the mall itself.

● There are about 250 flagship stores and upto 100 luxury stores.

Thus, you can easily guess how big this mall would be. The total area of this mall is estimated to be 255,490 square meters. The most amazing feature of this mall apart from shopping is the Ski Dubai. It is the indoor ski resort and snow park. In 2005, the mall won the world travel award in London.

There are variety of shops in this mall. You can find almost everything in this mall. There are shops for many things including books, fashion, gifts, jewelry, electronics, furniture and every other thing you might want to take home. For entertainment, there is a lot to explore in this mall. For the best family entertainment, there is a magic planet in this mall which is an indoor centre with two entertainment zones for children and adults. This mall also provides some mind blowing dining options and has many cafes. The Mall of Emirates in one of the busiest mall after the Dubai Mall and millions of tourists visit the mall of Emirates.

This was some important information about the Mall of Emirates. Thus, when you will plan to visit Dubai and you are searching for some great shopping experience, you must keep this mall in your list of places to visit in Dubai.

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