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Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Jumeirah Beach - Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most advanced country in all respects. It is most famous for breaking the records of the world. Here you will be able to find the no. 1’s of most of the things of the world. Like in Dubai, there is the tallest building of the world, the largest Mall of the world, etc. Millions of people visit Dubai with their family or friends for recreation. It provides you with so many things to do. In addition to this, you can visit so many places. Dubai is considered to be a very beautiful country which has attracted all throughout the world. It is the largest part of UAE and is surrounded by deserts on all the sides. It is already a very much developed country and is still developing at a fast pace. It is very famous for hosting millions and millions of tourists every year and has been able to maintain the same decorum. In a survey which was recently made,Dubai was ranked as the 7th in the world’s most visited countries or in other words, the 7th most famous country. The tourism sector of Dubai is very important for it. The tourists all around the world mainly get attracted by the advancement of Dubai in the fields of science and technology  and also the shopping places. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall of the world in area. 

There are many beautiful places to visit in Dubai. But before visiting any place in Dubai, you should know many things about that place. One of the most famous place in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach.


Jumeirah beach is the center of attraction in the Dubai Emirate. It is located in one of the popular district of Dubai, Jumeirah which is located on the Persian Gulf coastline. This beach stretches along the south of the Palm of Jumeirah and gets terminated on the southern residence of Jumeirah beach. This beach is adjacent to the Dubai Marina District. Jumeirah beach road connect many districts like Umm Suqeim, Al Sufouh and Jumeirah. This beach is center hub for maximum attraction in dubai,  the nearest attractions are the Burj Al Arab hotel, Jumeirah beach Hotel and  Wild Wadi Water Park. On this beach we can experience the 7 star accommodation in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Which was the oldest luxurious hotels of Dubai Emirates and was opened in the year 1997 by the hoteliers of Dubai. This hotel consists :

● 20 restaurants 

● 600 iconic suites and rooms 

● 20 villas which offers the beach view

● 26 levels are present 

The main feature to be in the hotel is that you will have unlimited access for the water games in the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is adjacent to the Jumeirah beach hotel. Later the beach was known as Chicago beach where both the top ranked beaches are located like Burj Al Arab and Hotel Jumeirah beach. The Jumeirah beach hotel is the 9th tallest skyscraper of dubai. 

Jumeirah beach park is spreaded over the 12 hectares of land, it is perfect place for family trip, here you can experience all types of games. For every visitor this place is best picnic spot, barbecue spot, shower, jetty areas and volleyball spot. 

Facilities available at the Jumeirah beach are 

● Children's playground 

● Barbecue and excursions area

● Horticultural and plant spot

● Cafeteria and restaurant available 

● All beach facilities available like games, swimming pool and seats along with sunshades.

● Changing rooms. 

This was all about the Jumeirah Beach of Dubai. It is the most famous beach of Dubai. When you will visit Dubai.

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