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Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall - Dubai

Trying to look for a wonderful place to visit for a vacation or a trip or honeymoon, and you opt that only one place should provide all these things. As far as this idea is concerned, there is no better country in the gulf which will offer all these things than Dubai. Dubai is one and the only major tourist destination in the gulf with a record of most tourists visiting. Dubai is located on top of the Arabian deserts and is the closest neighbour and shares borders with Sharjah, Oma and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is a newly developed tourist hub and you get all the provisions to have the most exciting as well as adventurous trips. There are many places to visit in Dubai having the best environments for family or honeymoon. Dubai has got even more popularity because of its advancement and development in the field of architecture.

Dubai is famous for so many things. Some of them are:

● It is popular for its skyscrapers.

● It is popular for many beautiful man-made places which you could visit. 

● It is popular for its shopping experience it provides. The best example is the Dubai Mall.

One of the best after the Dubai Mall is the Ibn Battuta Mall.


One of the largest mall of dubai is the  Ibn Battuta Mall, which is located on the road of Sheikh Zayed Road and you can reach easily to this mall from the interchange 6 of the village of Jebel Ali. Here you can explore about 270 shops, 21 screen cinemas and 60 cafes &  Restaurants. The parking safe for this mall is so large and can handle over 5000 of vehicles in the space which is spreaded over the area of 522,000 square metres. The main feature of ibn Battuta mall is that, it is one of the largest and best themed mall of Dubai. A new tender was passed in 2013 to expand this Mall by the Nakheel group with of more 200 shops. In Ibn Battuta Mall you can explore 6 courts, they are constructed with the unique design of great explorer of Moroccan Berber. 

-Andalusia Court: it is the land of science, art, land of poetry and architecture. Here you can get influenced by all the great civilizations of the past cultural and traditional of Dubai. The ceiling of this court is beautifully designed which are inspired by the stars. You can see glimpse of grand Mosque of cordoba. The walls are of beautiful textured with the terracotta tiles and red stones. 

-Tunisia Court:  it is the first hub which is inspired with the science and art. It is full of garden, colleges, palaces and mosques. The main beautiful port is the tunisia's coastal tower. 

-China Court: here you can explore the majestic and vibrant culture of china. The full hall is designed with the huge red dragons. Ceiling of the china court is coffered. 

- Persia Court: in the court you can explore all the 14th century culture. You can see the Persian art with the interior of this persian hall. It’s shape is like the dome which is design of Arabesque 

-Egypt Court: here you can see all the wonderful architecture of the Egypt like temples, pyramids, pharaohs and hieroglyphic. The walls are designed with papyrus columns. 

-India Court: this court is inspired with the 13th century of indian culture. With indo- islamic architecture of different palaces, towers, temples and mosque. 

The above information was given about all the necessary information given about the Ibn Battuta Mall. It is one of the most famous mall in Dubai after the Dubai Mall. You get everything in this mall and there are so many shops and stores to visit. Thus, you must visit this mall once when you will have a tour of Dubai. If you are a shopping lover, you must keep this place in your list of places to visit.

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