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Grand Mosque At Abu Dhabi Dubai

Grand Mosque At Abu Dhabi - Dubai

Looking for a great place for a vacation or a trip or even honeymoon, Dubai is the place you should go to. It is a place which offers you all these things you want for a perfect holiday. There are very few countries in the gulf which provide you with all these things to enjoy. Dubai is the only main tourist destination in the gulf which is believed to be the best place to provide a perfect atmosphere for a trip. Dubai is situated in connection with Arabian deserts and is the closest country to Sharjah, Oman and Abu Dhabi. Dubai has gained a lot of popularity in recent 3 decades and has become a tourist hub and thus its neighbours are also visited by the tourists. Most of the tourists, during the tour of Dubai, visit Abu Dhabi as well. You get all the things here for having the most exciting as well as adventurous vacation or trips. In a survey, it was found that more than 50 million tourists visit Dubai for recreation. There are many places to visit in Abu Dhabi and many things to do there.

Abu Dhabi is also famous for many things. One being the camping in the deserts. Abu Dhabi is a great place and because of Dubai, its tourism industry has prospered a lot. Great architecture has always been a reason to attract millions of tourists. There are many places in Abu Dhabi. One of the great architectural beauty in Abu Dhabi is Grand Mosque. Below is given the important detail about this legendary mosque.


This is the largest mosque of UAE, known as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE united arab of Emirates. In the full UAE this is one of the beautiful and large mosque. It is one of the best mosque where about 50,000 of people can gather for the worship on Friday prayers. The full architecture is a master structure in the full UAE which can handle over 50000 worshippers at a time. Its architecture consists 83 domes, and magnificent carpets. All the chandeliers are gilded with 24 carat gold. All the carpets are made by hands. In grand mosque the main hall is designed by the large expensive chandeliers. Which are of 15 metres height. The funeral of Sheikh Zayed was the first ceremony of this mosque. 

Full mosque is surrounded by the reflection pools. The night time gets reflected by the beautiful white flooring of the mosque. 

● Grand Mosque is open every day for visitors 

● You should dress appropriately before visiting to grand mosque 

● When you go to this mosque in day, just bring sunglasses with you, as in the day reflection is more due to bright sun

● Between 1996 to 2007, this mosque was constructed 

● Yousef Abdel Ky constructed this mosque, as this architecture is based on Syrian, Mughal and persian designs

● Sultan Sheikh Zayed proposed the project of Grand Mosque. 

● The artisan of grand mosque are from all over the world. 

● Here you can see seven large precious chandeliers 

It defines the islamic architecture of the old times of Abu Dhabi. It reflects the great islamic culture of Abu Dhabi. It has a great architecture with minarets of great height. Tourists are allowed to enter the mosque but the the minaret. Tourists click pics here and take back home some great memories.

Millions of tourists visit the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. It is not far from Dubai and thus you must visit the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. You must keep the visit to this place in your list when you plan to visit Dubai.

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