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Gold Souk Dubai

Gold Souk - Dubai

Whenever you look for a great place for a vacation or a trip or honeymoon, you want only one place to offer you all these things to you. There are not many countries in the gulf which provide you with all these things. Dubai is the only major tourist destination in the gulf which offers you with all these things in one place itself. Dubai is situated on the top of Arabian deserts and is the closest neighbour of Sharjah, Oma and Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the newest tourist hub and you get all the things here for having the most exciting as well as adventurous trips. In a survey, it was recorded that more than 50 million tourists visit Dubai for recreation. There are many places to visit in Dubai. Dubai has gained even more popularity because of its advancement and development. 

Dubai is popular for many things. Some of them are listed below:

● It is famous for its skyscrapers. The best example is the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world.

● It is famous for the beautiful man-made places which you could visit. The best example is the musical fountain.

● It is famous for its shopping experience it provides. The best example is the Dubai Mall. It is the largest mall in the world as far as area is concerned. More than 54 million people visit this mall every year.

Talking about shopping in Dubai and another name pops up in mind. It is the Gold Souk. Here we will discuss about the same.


This is one of the popular and traditional market of Dubai known as Gold Souk or Dubai Gold market. This souk is located in the main business commercial of dubai in deira. Its main feature is the present location of this market in the Al Dhagaya. 

Here you can find large style of gold and diamond ornamental and even unique expensive masterpiece which are spreaded over 300 retailers. This market is full of jewellery traders and large quantity of gold is present in this market that is around tons. The dubai fish area surrounds this souk from the north side. From old market of marina coast this market is 5 minutes away. 

● The price for all the carat gold is given in the AED per gram

● Available quality of gold are 24K, 21K, 18K and 22K.

● All the pieces of gold, precious stones are sold according to the weight 

● This market is located near the Al Ras area Deira. 

Every package adds this trio to gold souk as you will experience the full market with the different ornamental gold design. This city is also known as the beat gold trade of dubai. Here you can explore many countless shops with perfect and bright showcase. Some tips before having shopping from the gold souks are:

● The price of the gold always fluctuates so it is best to be updated about the gold rates before going to gold old souk for shopping. Always remember to know the type of gold before buying it.

● As gold is sold by weight and Karats. 100% pure gold is of 24 karats. Other gold are mixed with nickel, copper, silver and zinc. 

● The colour of gold change due to the mixture of alloys to it, so you can choose your own type of colour of the golds. 

The above information is enough to help you before you will visit Gold Souk. Having information before visiting any places gives you a broader vision of how to manage your time doing what. Thus, having information of Gold Souk will definitely make you visit this place for shopping. So, you must keep Gold Souk in your places to visit in Dubai for shopping.

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