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Eating Out Dubai

Eating Out - Dubai

Dubai is one of the finest places to visit as far as tourism is concerned. It is able to provide the right kind of environment for a perfect trip. Dubai is famous for many things. Dubai has a unique range of eating outs as well as hotels which offer you with the best variety of food. People from different country visit Dubai and get mesmerized by the delicious taste of food. All the major eating outs are world famous and are added to all the major tour packages to Dubai. Here we will be talking about eating outs in Dubai. 

Eating outs in Dubai:

There are many five star eating outs or restaurants in Dubai. There are world famous restaurants which provide you with amazing food. Millions of people visit these eating outs of Dubai every year. There are all types of eating outs. The most amazing and unique chain of restaurants found in Dubai are the underwater restaurants as well as the overwater restaurants. Below we will discuss all the major eating outs of Dubai. 

Cavalli Club Dubai:

This is one of the best restaurants in the middle eastern city of UAE. The overall interior of this club is unique and spectacular with chandelier hanging from ceiling, these chandeliers are so uniquely designed by Swarovski crystal and on wall you can see large projection. Roberto cavalli designed this club, even the elevator is designed perfectly with best Zebra print. 

● Zebra print interior 

● Solid 4 course Italian food

● After 11 pm, live music shows are organised 

The best restaurant of Dubai which organises music events during the night hours. You get awesome drinks and food here. 

Pierchic Restaurant:

It is romantic restaurant which is world famous because of its location overwater and you can beautiful scenery of Arabian Gulf. Here you can reserve 7 star table at the corner of restaurants which is completely private in between the water. And you can see spectacular view of burj Al Arab Jumeirah. 

● Food is elaborated and fancy

● Main dishes to taste are lobster, oysters topped with Truffles 

● Dominated Mediterranean menu 

● Alaska king crab Starter

The presentation of food in this restaurant is best in the world. The food items you get here are very unique and they are used in a wide variety of dishes. 

At. Mosphere Restaurant:

It is the main restaurant of Burj Khalifa which offers full skyline view of Dubai. To experience luxurious dining in Dubai, you should visit here, it is super expensive with super slicks. Here the walls are full of glass from floor to ceiling where you can taste your multiple cuisine dishes along with enjoying spectacular views. 

● Seven course dining experience 

● Best wine pairing 

● Best dishes are Australian Wagyu beef and Wasabi Roots 

The speciality of this restaurant us the seven course dinner. This dinner is complemented by one of the best wine you will get in Dubai. 

Billionaire Mansion Restaurant:

It is the eye catching luxurious restaurant which is open space to relax and taste best dishes. This restaurant is located in the downtown area of Taj Dubai. Here many dance show are organised which starts from 9 pm every night. Here speciality of menu is divided into 2 cuisines of Italian and Japanese dishes. 

● Ribbon dance show 

● Best staff

● Authenticated dishes 

As the name suggests, it is meant for luxurious people and this restaurant in included in Luxurious tour packages to Dubai. 

These are some of the well known eating outs in Dubai. These are considered to be the best eating outs of Dubai. You should keep all these places on your list of eating outs when you will visit Dubai.

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