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Weekend Tour Packages Dubai

Dubai is a hot and humid country as far as its climate is concerned. Dubai is surrounded on all sides by deserts and thus you would think that it will be a bit backward country. But the story is different, Dubai is one of the most developed country in every field and in every respect. Dubai is an advanced nation in fields like science, technology, trade, architecture, etc. Because of the development of Dubai, it has become one of the largest economy in the whole world and simultaneously a great tourist destination. Dubai recorded a huge visit of more than 1 billion tourists in previous two year. It is famous all over the world for beach holidays. Dubai is a country surrounded by tourist destination countries not as popular as Dubai, but they are also very popular. These countries include Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. Dubai is always successful in hosting millions of tourists every year due to the hard work of its tourism industry. These tourists come from all the parts of the world.

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Dubai is also famous for the weekend hustle and bustle. During your trip to Dubai, you will have to make sure that your weekends are booked or are filled with so many things to do. For this, we provide weekend tour packages in Dubai. These are discussed in detail. 

Weekend tour packages in Dubai:

There are mind blowing weekend tour packages available for Dubai. These are meant to spend the weekend by travelling to great places of Dubai. These are classified on the basis of places and the duration as well. These are given below:

Romantic Getaways Dubai Weekend tour:

You can visit many resorts for many days with full jam packages. In UAE, all emirate are popular for tourists but dubai is major hub. 

Qasr Al sarab Desert Resort in Abu Dhabi(1 hour 40 minutes):

It is biggest Anantara resort which offers luxurious facilities with best Turkish steam bath, outdoor tennis and with spectacular location. It is the located in Mahbar bin Usayyan. It is on the western part of Abu Dhabi. 

Six senses Zighy Bay in Oman(2 hours 20 minutes):

It offer 5- star accommodation with superior luxurious amenities, modern architecture, mini bars, superb dining and lounge bar. It is located in Musandam

Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort in Ras Al khaimah(1 hour 20 mins ride):

It is located near the museum known as Ras Al khaimah and it offers premium specialities like private beech, fantastic bar, pools, cuisine and hospitality. Here you can drink best wine on the top of this resort. 

BEACH RESORT WEEKEND TOUR to Jumeirah Beach Hotel:

It is located near the wild wadi water park in Jumeirah Dubai. It is situated in the short stroll from this water park with 5 star accommodation, rooftop terrace, water slides, Turkish steam bath, jacuzzi and delicious cuisines. It is near the business bay, thus you can explore many attractive spots. 

Ras Al khaimah Weekend tour:

From dubai this place is 130 kilometres distant and you can reach this place from dubai in 1 hour 20 minutes by car ride. In UAE, this ia the Emirates on the northern side. It is full of sun baked desserts white beaches. It offers multiple adventurous activities like camel riding, dune bashing and sand boarding. 

● Bedouin Oasis camp 

● Cove Rotana Resort 

● Banyan Tree beach

● Al hamra village golf 

These are all the weekend tour packages in Dubai. All the information above is given about how and where you should spend your weekend in Dubai. This is a great piece of information and will surely help you while your stay of Dubai.

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