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Dubai Tour Packages From Gaya

Dubai is a gulf country. It is a part of UAE, in fact the largest part of UAE. It is surrounded by  Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman from three sides and from the fourth side, it is in direct contact with the Arabian Deserts. It is famous all around the world for its records. It has the number 1 of most of the things. Like the tallest building is situated in Dubai, the largest shopping mall is in Dubai, the highest music fountain of the world is in Dubai, etc. So, there is no question of why is Dubai so famous all around the globe? Dubai is a very beautiful place to visit with your family or friends. You can even plan your honeymoon in Dubai. It provides a very romantic atmosphere for the newly married couples. There are many things to do in Dubai. Your one visit won’t be enough to do all the things which Dubai provides you with. In Dubai, you will travel to many beautiful places and get fascinated by the natural beauty and especially the man-made beauty of the places in Dubai.

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More than 20 million tourists visit Dubai every year. People from Asia especially from India visit Dubai for recreation. From all the states, you will find a large number of people visiting Dubai. Thus, we provide some mind blowing tour packages from every state of India. Here we will discuss about our packages from Gaya. These are called Dubai Tour packages from Gaya.

Dubai tour packages from Gaya:

These packages come with the basic travelling,lodging and transportation. Here we will discuss about our travel schemes that would be added to these tour packages from Gaya to make your arrival and departure comfortable. 

The nearest Airport to the main city of Dubai is the Dubai international Airport. It is considered to be the world’s busiest Airport. As far as the number of people visiting this airport, it is the third largest Airport in the world. The important information about this airport is given below:



● It is a public type airport and operates only public flights

● This airport comes under Government of Dubai

● Available airlines at Dubai airport are FlyDubai, Qantas, Emirates, FedEx Express

● The location of this airport is in the district of Al Garhoud

This airport covers an area of more than 7,200 acres. This airport has 3 terminals and is designed to handle a capacity of around 10 million passengers at a time. 

The nearest airport to the main city of Gaya is Gaya Airport. The major codes and other information about this airport is given below:



● Its latitudes are given as 24.7443

● Its longitudes are given as 84.951

● It is a public airport

● Its address is given as Gaya Airport, Gaya, Bihar, India.

The distance between Gaya and Dubai is 2980 kms. The travel schedule followed from Gaya to Dubai is:

Gaya to Dubai:

There is a direct flight available from Gaya to Dubai. The flight takes off from Gaya and reaches Dubai. The total time taken by this flight to reach Dubai is 4 hours and 27 minutes.

There is only one direct flight available and this is the most comfortable travel scheme to visit Dubai from Gaya. Thus, the above travel program will be added to our Dubai tour packages from Gaya. We provide you with the guarantee of the most comfortable travelling. So, you should always consider to travel with our tour packages as we have made comfortness our main goal while provide tour packages to our clients.

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