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Drive and Stay Tour Packages Dubai

Dubai is known to be full of gems which provide great facilities for all tour packages with transportation, exploring landscapes and best eating outs with top class accommodation in hotel, motels, resorts and cruises. Dubai is a country full of growing cities with high tech modern architectures, skyscraper buildings, Culinary scenes, adventurous activities with ultra modern structures. It become a hectic and a mandatory job  to choose perfect packages with different accommodation facilities. In these packages, along with exploring many beautiful places, you can also taste one of the best food in Dubai. The cuisine of UAE is the mixture of Asian and middle east cuisines, like in india favourite dishes is the pasta, some dishes are commonly served in Asian and UAE countries. As dubai is located in between desert so here people prefer grain, meat, vegetables and dairy in there food regularly. Some of famous dishes of UAE are Fired , Mishwy , Harees , Machboos and Margooga. One of the popular Camel meat is used in maximum authenticated dishes of Emirates which are highly costly meat. The speciality of dubai cuisine is camel meat which are served in many occasions that is one of the complemented dishes of UAE. Here you can taste the heavy and healthy breakfast with date syrups, eggs, khameer bread, cheese and juices.

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One of the the most popular and tradition food of UAE is Balaleet which is found in every restaurant’s menu which provide different style of presentation. Here you can taste the best sweet dishes which are dazzled with honey, nuts and dates. Dubai is also famous for its nightlife. There are many tour packages available for Dubai. The major tour packages are 

● Family tour packages. 

● Friends tour packages. 

● Honeymoon tour packages. 

Some other packages are also available for Dubai. These are special tour packages and one among them is the Drive and stay tour packages. 

Dubai drive and stay tour packages:

These tour packages are special tour packages available to Dubai. In these tour packages, you can self drive during your trip to Dubai. There are centres in Dubai which provide this facility. We will arrange all this in these packages plus your stay at different cities of Dubai. During this kind of tour, you need to have an international driving license. It is a must if you want to self drive in Dubai. 

These tour packages are based on the places you want to visit. There are three major tour packages available for self drive and stay. These are

● Dubai city tour. 

● Marina Dubai tour. 

● Self made tour or customised tour. 

● Dubai desert tour. 

If you travel with the Dubai city tour, you will be made to self drive only in the whole city. There your stay will also be arranged and these packages come with daily plans. If you travel with Marina Dubai tour, you will drive and stay in marina only and the major thing you will do there is sightseeing. In customised tour packages, you can choose the places you want to visit but generally these tour plans take a lot of days for you to stay in Dubai. Dubai desert tour is the most amazing as far as driving is concerned. You will drive in the deserts of Dubai and you will be made to do camping there. This is taken by majority of international tourists. 

This is one of the most amazing tour package to Dubai. You have to be first guided about all the rules and then you will be allowed to be self driving. This is all the information about Dubai drive and stay tour packages.

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