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Cultural Tour Packages Dubai

Dubai is a tourist place which is visited by millions for spending their holidays or for a trips. Tourists who visit Dubai get mesmerized by the beautiful cities and deserts of Dubai and also by the development of Dubai. There are many major tourists attraction places in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, The Dubai mall, amusement parks, restaurants, Dubai fountain, etc. Dubai is also famous for the nightlife atmosphere it provides. The nightlife of Dubai is very electrifying but at the same time is considered to be the most decent one. It is because in Dubai, there only operates licensed places for nightlife in Dubai. 

Dubai is a very diverse country in terms of culture. This because of the migration of people from foreign countries. Here we will be talking about cultural tours in Dubai. 

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Cultural tours in Dubai:

The diverse culture of Dubai allows you to witness so many cultures while you are on your trip of Dubai. There are following tour available in Dubai with respect to its wide variety of cultures. 

Creekside Cultural Tour:

This tour is offered in the coolers months ( November to March) , you can explore the cultural beauty of dubai on the water. Here you can use a Dhow boat which is traditional boat used at every creek of Dubai for tourists to explore dubai from waterways. You can explore many soaks like textile, Gold, spice souk and mani attraction is Diwan masjid. 

● Cruising for 2 hours 

● Package charges vary from 50 AED per person to 250 AED pp

● Available in Deira Creek 

● Time of boarding : 5pm

● International buffets facilities available 

Dubai is known as a hot and humid country but this place in Dubai has always been cooler. This tour involves your knowing about waterway culture of Dubai. 

Dubai City Cultural Tour:

You can see the full cultural display of dubai even in the half day tour along with your guide. For per person its cost is $40. You can explore full city of Dubai and see many famous attraction and display many historic monuments in your package. 

● Burj Khalifa 

● Dubai Marina

● Burj Al Arab 

● Jumeirah Mosque 

● Palm the Jumeirah 

● Dubai Aquarium 

This is believed to be the newest city and thus the newest culture of Dubai. It reflects the present day culture of Dubai which is also very important to explore. These are the most common tour chosen by almost all tourists. 

Bedouin Cultural Safari Tour:

In this tour you will get to know about the old history of the UAE and Dubai through a special way, by Eye of Emirati Bedouin. In this tour many nomadic lifestyle shows are displayed like riding on camels, ancient culture, traditions rituals and desert hunting.

● Authenticated Bedouin Breakfast 

This tour will give you a wider aspect of the middle age history of Dubai and of UAE as a whole. Here you will get to see old architectures as well. 

Dubai old cultural Tour:

This tour is perfect choice for all tourists who are keen to know about the full history of dubai along with is ancient origin from diving pearl past to Ruling Sheikh’s family in Dubai. Here you have to walk through the neighbourhood of Al Bastakiya and oldest historic district Al Fahidi District. 

● Tour of Sheikh Maktoum Cultural centre 

● Taste coffee and dates

● Visit to many historic districts

This tour involves the trips to such places which will make you know about the oldest history of Dubai. People usually choose these tours as they are keenly interested in wanting to know about Dubai history. 

These are the tour available in Dubai as far as cultures are concerned. These are mind blowing tour and you must keep these tours in your list while you will visit Dubai.

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