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Dubai Aquarium Dubai

Dubai Aquarium - Dubai

Dubai is a country situated in the gulf. It is a part of UAE and is the most famous part among the other parts of UAE. It is the largest part of UAE. Dubai is now known as the best tourist place to visit. In the past 3 decades, the tourism sector of Dubai has advanced and made a comfortable environment for millions of people to visit. It offers the best atmosphere for a perfect trip or vacation. People from all around the world visit Dubai. Dubai is connected to Abu Dhabi, Oman and Sharjah which are its nearest neighbours and you can even visit these places while your visit to Dubai. Dubai has advanced on a tremendous rate and this has been the major reason as to why so many people are attracted towards this beautiful country. 

More than half a billion people visit Dubai every year. People from all the countries of the world visit Dubai and get fascinated by this country. In Dubai, there are so many places to visit that you won’t be able to visit all the famous places of Dubai in one trip. Thus, you will get eager to visit again and there are millions of people who have visited Dubai for more than once. This country has been able to maintain its decorum and that's why has become an economic giant with the help of its tourism industry. There are many popular places in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Global Village, Dubai Aquarium, etc. Here we will discuss about the Dubai Aquarium.


In Dubai Emirates, Dubai Aquarium and  Underwater Zoo is one of the best and iconic captivating attractions in UAE. It is located at the largest mall of Dubai that is The Dubai Mall, this mall offers a beautiful ocean underwater journey with your family and couples love to visit here again and again. In the a world Dubai aquarium is the best and largest Indoor aquarium that enhance the beauty of the ocean floor. This aquarium can hold upto 11 million litres of the freshwater. Here you can explore the large diverse collection of the marine life creatures. This aquarium also contains Underwater Zoo which brings large crowd to explore its surroundings with ease. Here you can see crabs, penguins, jellyfish, seahorse and piranhas. This Aquarium is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road near Dubai Mall, Doha street, Dubai UAE.  You will enjoy to enter into the aquatic paradise of dubai, where you can explore see different species of aquatic life. This aquarium is full constructed by the glass walls, which offers magnificent, rare and close view of marine creatures of the ocean. 

This aquarium consists around, 40,000 species of aquamarine creatures. Mainly this aquamarine life of aquamarine is enhanced by the presence of Sand Tiger shark  and King crocodile. For every tourist two options are available whether to go to aquarium tunnel of underwater Zoo. Glass bottom boat ride is the main feature of Dubai Aquarium. This place is made up of of largest  Acrylic Panel, thus it won award of Guinness book of records. In the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo you can choose any two package for exploring this place according to your wish. 

● Researchers experience 

● Explorer Experience 

This was all about the Dubai Aquarium. If you won’t visit this aquarium despite visiting Dubai, then it will be a shame. The Dubai Aquarium provides some of the best experiences. Thus, whenever you visit Dubai, you must keep this place on your list of places to visit in Dubai. It will mesmerize you and you will definitely enjoy the time spent there.

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