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Currency Of Dubai

Dubai is a very beautiful country. It is a part of UAE and has deserts all around it. It is a very developed country and has grown as the fastest economy of the present. It is very famous for hosting millions of tourists. In a survey, Dubai was ranked as the 7th in the world’s most visited cities. The tourism sector of Dubai is very important for maintaining its economic needs. The tourists are mainly attracted by the advancement of Dubai and the shopping places. The culture is mainly islamic but you can enjoy the nightlife of Dubai in a licensed bars and clubs. The tourists get so many things which include:

● Exhibitions and trade shows

● Parks and zoos

● Museums

● Stadiums and sports venues

● Beaches

● Palaces

● Artificial islands

These were the few among many tourist attraction places of Dubai. Religiously, Dubai is a diverse country. You can find mosques, hindu temples, churches, etc in Dubai. Thus, Dubai provides you with a great experience if you visit for a trip with your family.

Dubai is the largest emirate of UAE. This emirate is located coast of Persian Gulf. Dubai is  spreaded over the northern coastline of emirate’s. Ubaid bin Saeed founded this emirate. Dubai is of 4.114 km area which is around 1588 sq mi. In Middle East , dubai is known for its business and it is the major hub of all types of technology. Dubai is 2nd richest country because it had emerged like the global city. Before visiting Dubai, you must have some knowledge about the currency of Dubai.

Currency of Dubai:

Economy of Dubai is based on many trades of oil exploration. This city became the best iconic place for tallest building, skyscrapers and high budget building. In the whole world Dubai is 21th richest and expensive city. Before going to Dubai during vacations  you should be aware of each and every information of dubai like currency, climate  best time to visit, dubai airport, flights to dubai, places to explore during day and nights. Here the information is given about Currency of Dubai 

In United Arab Emirates and Dubai, currency used here is Dirham. It is also known as AED that is Arab Emirates Dirham and commonly known as DH. One dirham consists 100 fils. These dirham notes comes in denominations of following :

● 5

● 10

● 20

● 50

● 100

● 500

● 1000

On the front side of dirham writing is of Arabic and on the reverse side of dirham it's writing is English. In common circulation among people, there are 1 dirham coin, 25 dirham coin and 50 dirham coin. Exchange of dirham to another currencies is much easy. Dollar to dirham exchange rates are 

● US & $1 is equal to 3.67 dirhams

Throughout the year Dubai is crowded with many tourist from all over the world, particularly the maximum number of tourists

are from Middle East. Mainly 2 millions people of Saudi Arabia visit to explore Dubai every year. So the common currency exchange in Dubai are dirham AED, kuwaiti dinar KWD, Saudi Riyal SAR and Omani rial OMR. 

● 1 OMR omair rial -  9.53 AED

● 1 SAR saudi riyal - 0.979 AED

● 1 QAR Qatar riyal -  1.009 AED

● 1 BHD bahrain riyal -  9.741 AED. 

The above information was provided about the currency of Dubai. Before visiting any foreign country, it is very important to keep some information about the currency of the country you are visiting. This will make you able to calculate the budget to enjoy with your family. Dubai is relatively a bit bigger country but at the same time, the experience you get here when you visit with your family is amazing and all the money you will spens to visit Dubai will be worth it and you won’t regret about it a bit.

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