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Cancellation Policy Dubai

The most popular tourist country in the whole of middle east is Dubai. It is the largest country of UAE having neighbours which are also very famous for hosting tourists. These countries comprise Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman. The neighbouring countries are so close to Dubai that many tourist plan a complete packages which involves the tour of all these three countries following the main tour of Dubai. Dubai is a very  well developed country as far as science, technology and economy is concerned. The major reason for such great popularity of Dubai are countless. The completion in the construction of Burj Khalifa and its record of being the tallest building in the world is attracting millions of tourists to Dubai. The Dubai mall offers a fantastic shopping experience and is a place which is visited by more than 54 million tourists every year. It is declared as the world’s largest shopping mall in terms of area. The beaches of Dubai are so beautiful and famous for providing the best atmosphere for beach or summer trips. Millions of people visit the marvelous beaches of Dubai every year especially Jumeirah beach. The nightlife of Dubai is also fascinating and is very decent. You get to see all the licensed bars and clubs in Dubai which is really amazing as you get to do everything in limits. The food of Dubai is yet another amazing thing that attracts millions of tourists to Dubai. There are great restaurants which you will not find anywhere in the world. The special restaurants which are a speciality of Dubai are underwater restaurants. The wildlife of Dubai is amazing in the sense that you will get to see underwater zoo and aquarium in Dubai. 

Thus, Dubai is a great place to visit and we provide amazing tour packages to Dubai. You can choose from a long list of our packages. But before knowing about our packages, you should know about our Dubai cancellation policy. 

Dubai Cancellation policy:

You should know about all cancellation policies which are applicable whenever you cancel or book any tour. You can permit cancellation for many tours except Ferrari Tour, luxury tour and cruise tour. You can cancel your trip even 1 day before but than you have to submit full Cancellation charges which are 90% of the total amount of trip. Fir some of tours we don't have any cancellation policy. Always remember to read all the cancellation policy, as it will allows us to fulfil your needs regarding your trip convenience. 

● Full funding will be returned back, if you cancel Ferrari World tour, dinner cruise tour and Luxury tour. 

● 50% of price of trip will be returned if you cancel your trip 2 days before.

● All the debit card and credit card refunding will be done after 20 working days

For cancellation of Dubai Visa you need following things 

● Emirates booking reference number

● Visa application number 

Medical Cancellation Refunding 

When you book the tickets, you should purchase medical cancellation refund. Afterwards you can add any medical cancellation form. This will offer refunding only cancelled flight charges with full taxes of airfare. 6 to 8 week will be processing time for refund of money. Depending upon the type of tickets you hold, cancellation can be done.  Using Manage booking portal makes your cancellation much easier. Following are some of things that you can change 

● Choose of hotels 

● Change of route

● Change timing of flights 

● Cancel itinerary 

This is all about Dubai cancellation policy. These are a type of insurance while you book your package. Thus, knowing about it must be a great priority for you.

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