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Bastakia Dubai

Bastakia - Dubai

Dubai is an awesome place where you will find millions of tourists. Dubai has become a main tourist destination in the gulf. It is famous all around the world for its beautiful places. One of the largest part of United Emirates of Arab, UAE is Dubai. It is located on the southern end of Persian Gulf. It is one of the Emirate among the seven emirates of Arab. Some of the famous towns and villages in Dubai are given below:

● Al Aweer

● Al Faqi

● Al Lusayli

● Jebel Ali

● Marqab

Dubai is one of the most popular absolute monarchy. Dubai covers over the area of 1,588 square metres. In the full Middle East, or you can say in the gulf, Dubai is the main global tourist hub of World. Dubai comes in the timezone, UTC +4. In 1969 oil revenue was started in Dubai and tourism in addition to it became the main reasons for the prosperity of Dubai.

Dubai is famous as there are so many beautiful places to visit. The list is very long and you will not be able to see all these places in one visit. The history and tradition of any country is the oldest jewel it owns. Thus, you can visit a place having similar quality of introducing you to the oldest culture of Dubai. This place is known as Bastakia.


One of the popular and iconic historic district is the Al Bastakiya, it is also known as Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. In early 1890’s this neighbouring historic district was constructed. It consist almost 60 units of housing which are separated by many different architecture of lanes like winding lanes and narrow lanes. But to make new development in this district, tjis Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood was destroyed in 1980’s to make new complex buildings. And some the houses which are remained were used as accommodation for many labours and warehouse. In 2005,the project was signed to preserve the historic part of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. 

Bastakia Quarter:

This is the perfect heritage site in the Bur Dubai and it so crowded places by tourists because this is the ideal picturesque site of the Dubai. One of the persian merchant constructed the design of this city in 19th century and its name is given from the town of Southern iran known as Bastak. This is the best conservation area of Dubai which is one of the attractive tourists destination of UAE. In this district many houses are open for exploring there beauty of architecture and unique historic design, they are mainly open on every for tourists. This Ali Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood consists many parts like :

● Dubai Museum, this is the Al Fahidi ford and is probably one of the oldest building of Dubai, it was reconstructed again in 1933,which reveals the cultural and heritage of dubai. 

● Sheikh Mohammed centre, this place is made for cultural understanding and it is located at the centre of Bastakia Quarter, here we can visit on many tours like Jumeirah mosque tour,  Bastakiya walking tour, cultural lunch and breakfast. 

● Ostra, here you can see the art and the perfect sculptures. 

● Arabian tea house, it is one of the popular cafe. 

● Majlis Gallery, here you can find the art of international and local artists. 

This was all about the the Bastakia of Dubai. It is actually the old Dubai which has been kept in its older version so that people who come from other countries get to see how Dubai was in old times. This is an epic place to visit in Dubai. Thus, you must keep this beautiful place of Dubai in your list of places to visit in Dubai.

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