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9 Nights 10 Days Dubai Tour Packages

This tour package is considered to be best tour package as far as day count is concerned. You get enough of days to see the beautiful country of Dubai. Most of the people who want to travel to Dubai and explore it travel through this tour package. The day wise plan for this package is given below:

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Day 1:

On this day, you will arrive at the Dubai airport and will be transported by our agent to a grand and luxurious hotel. All the facilities will be available there and this day is kept for your relaxing and taking rest after a long flight. You will dine in a nearby eating out and the first thing you will do in Dubai will be that you will taste its food.

Day 2:

This day will mark the starting of your trip in Dubai. You will be touring the below places:

● Adventure waterpark

● Dolphin bay

● Jumeirah beach

This day has been solely kept for some marine fun. You will ride on some of the highest rides and slides in the Adventure waterpark followed by a swim with dolphins. At the same time you will also have fun feeding them with your hands in the Dolphin bay. You will also enjoy some beachtime as well as Jumeirah beach.

Day 3:

The list of places where you will visit on this day are:

● Burj Khalifa

● The musical fountain

● The underwater zoo and aquarium

● Night bar

This is going to be the most crucial and important day for you as you will see the tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It is a gigantic structure and is a mixture of fine architecture and brilliance. The musical fountain is for entertainment during the evening and the underwater zoo will fascinate you as you will never find a zoo underwater.

During night, you will enjoy the most decent nightlife of Dubai in a licensed bar and have the right amount of drinks as prescribed by the Dubai Government.

Day 4, day 5, day 6 and day 7:

You will live in the heart of the deserts on these days. These days will include the below important programs:

● Desert Camping

● Camp fire

● Desert helicopter flight

● Dubai desert safari

You will go on a camp in the deserts of Dubai and live in tents and under the fire. You will be provided all the things do the camping and enjoying during the night. In the evening, you will make some barbecues in the middle of the desert. It will be the most adventurous and the best experience of your life all together. While camping, Desert helicopter flight will take you to a tour of desert. On the 6th day, you will also be taken to Desert Safari. On the 7th day, you will return from this camp to your hotel.

Day 8:

You will be taken to the places mentioned below: 

● Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

● Grand Mosque

● Hot air balloon ride

You will be taken to the grand mosque of Dubai where you will find tall minarets and do some great photography. Then you will be taken to the most popular, 7 star resort of Dubai to spend some quality time there and even we provide facility to dine there. Hot air balloon ride ia your choice.

Day 9:

This day will be occupied only and only by the visit to Bateaux Cruises. These provide you with the best dining arrangements in Dubai as well as a tour of the Dubai city from its waterways. This will be a great experience of having a tasty meal.

Day 10:

This will mark your departure from Dubai and we assure you that the time spent in Dubai will be the best time of your life. This end our 9 nights 10 days tour package to Dubai.

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