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8 Nights 9 Days Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai is one of the fastest growing country at present. Its advancement in the field of architecture has mesmerized the whole world and from the recent decades, it has become a hub for tourists. Millions of tourists visit Dubai with their families or on a honeymoon or on an adventurous tour. Dubai is a country which offers the right atmosphere for a perfect vacation. Thus, people always think of going to Dubai but does not have proper provision to explore it. Thus, we provide tour packages to Dubai on the basis of the time you want to spend in Dubai. Here we will discuss of 8 nights 9 days tour package to Dubai.

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8 nights 9 days tour package to Dubai:

These are the best tour packages. By these packages, we mean the stay for more than 8 days is enough to explore the beauty of Dubai and its deserts. This package is for 9 days and its chart is given below:

Day 1:

On this day, you will reach Dubai and will meet our agent who will guide you to a luxurious hotel. There you will takes some rest and have many dining options and you are free to choose any. On this particular day, rest is the best option or having a tour to the nearby streets and market is suggested. This is so because you will already be jet lagged and a bit tired.

Day 2:

This will be the start of your trip in Dubai. You will be touring the following places:

● Adventure waterpark

● Dolphin bay

● Hot air balloon ride

This day is solely kept for some water fun. You will enjoy some of the highest rides and slides in the Adventure waterpark and swim with dolphins and feed them with your hands in the Dolphin bay.

Day 3:

The list of places where you will be touring is given below:

● Burj Khalifa

● The musical fountain

● The underwater zoo and aquarium

● Night bar

This will definitely be a fascinating day for you as you will see the tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It is a majestic mixture of architecture and brilliance. The musical fountain is for entertainment and the underwater zoo will fascinate you.

During night, you will enjoy the most decent nightlife of Dubai in a licensed bar.

Day 4, day 5 and day 6:

These days will start your trip to the deserts. These days will include the following important  things:

● Desert Camping

● Camp fire

● Desert helicopter flight

● Dubai desert safari

You will go on a camp to the deserts of Dubai. You will be provided all the things do the campfire there while in the evening, you will make some barbecues. It will be a different and the best experience of your life all together. While camping,  Desert helicopter flight will be arranged for you for touring the desert. On the 5th day, you will also be taken to Dubai Desert Safari. On the 6th day, you will return from this camp to your hotel.

Day 7:

You will be taken to the following place on this day:

● Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

● Grand Mosque

You will be taken to the grand mosque of Dubai where you will find peace and do some great photography. Then you will be taken to the most famous resort of Dubai to spend some quality time there.

Day 8:

This day will be occupied by the visit to Bateaux Cruises. These provide you with the best eating arrangements in Dubai, plus a tour of the Dubai city from its waterways. This will be a great experience of having a gorgeous meal here.

Day 9:

This day is meant for your departure which if you wish could be arranged by us. This will be your last day in Dubai. Here our 8 nights 9 days tour package to Dubai ends.

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