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4 Nights 5 Days Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai is the most independent city of UAE. This place develops such a unbelievable pace in every visitor and many types of trade centers. It is most beautiful and developed city for tourists exploring, best restaurants, lavish accommodation and iconic nightlife. Here you can see magnificent and unique infrastructure which are surrounded by the desert. The economical rate of the Dubai is day by day increasing. It contains large number of immigrant people. Many offices, school, and many restaurants are off on Friday and Saturday of every week. It is the conservative society with best vibrant economic and development. Here you see many attractions like you can experience leisure complex with expensive shopping at the Dubai Mall. For posh dining on the beach you can visit Burj Al Arab. Along with romantic leisure present in Dubai, you can have adventure by exploring the water games and ride in the Wild Wadi Water Park.

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Tourists visit Dubai on the basis of the days they want to spend there and choose packages accordingly. On day wise basis, we provide one of the best tour packages to Dubai. Here we will discuss our 4 nights 5 days tour package to Dubai.

4 nights 5 days tour package to Dubai:

This is neither the best nor the worst tour package as far as day count is concerned. It is a moderate tour package to Dubai in which you will be able to enjoy some of the main features and attractions of Dubai. Below is given the days chart of this package:

Day 1 and night 1:

The first day will be the day of your arrival in Dubai and you will straight away be taken to the accomodation provided to you. Here, you will be able to taste the traditional food of Dubai by having some food which will be the first among many things that will mesmerize you in Dubai. Then you will be taken to visit the world’s largest mall, The dubai Mall. Here you will do some shopping and go back to the hotel to take rest.

Day 2 and night 2:

This will be an amazing day in your account. You will be taken to following places:

● Dubai Miracle Garden

● Dolphin bay

● Hot air balloon ride

This will really mark the beginning of your trip and you will visit many local places mentioned above. Dolphin bay is a family place where you can swim with the Dolphins and feed them. 

On the second night, you will be introduced to the most decent nightlife of Dubai. You will find only licensed bars and have some drinks there.

Day 3 and night 3:

This is the major day of your package. The list of places where you will be taken is given below:

● Burj Khalifa

● The musical fountain

● The underwater zoo and aquarium

● Night bar

This will be a great day. Seeing the tallest building in the world and the most precious treasure, the Burj khalifa will be a mind blowing experience adding to which, the evening will be made fantastic with the musical fountain. The underwater zoo is the most peculiar things found in Dubai.

Day 4 and night 4:

This day will be occupied by the visit to following places:

● Bateaux Cruises

● Grand Mosque

On this day, the tour of Dubai via cruise and that too Bateaux Cruise, considered to be having the most famous dining option of Dubai will make your trip amazing. Visit to the Grand Mosque of Dubai will introduce you to the oldest cultures and traditions of Dubai.

Day 5:

This is will be your last day in Dubai. This will mark your departure from Dubai. You will be transported to the airport from where you will board your required flight.

These were all the places to visit and fun activities to do in our 4 nights 5 days tour package to Dubai.

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