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2 Nights 3 Days Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai is one popular city and emirate of UAE. This emirate is well known for avish life, endless shopping, unlimited fun, lively night scene. Here you can see numbers of skyscraper which offers the magnificent view of Dubai Skyline, Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest buildings of the world which is around 830 metres tall, it almost looks like it touches the sky. And you can explore the beautiful and iconic view of musical fountain show which is located on the foot of the Burj Khalifa lake. The choreography of this fountain is so unique and enhanced by lighting system and jets. The best resort Dubai is the Palm Resort which offers so much during vacations like water life, differ cuisines and marine animals. Here you can see many popular stretches of sand like public Jumeirah beach, dubai is famous for the endless shopping in Dubai Mall which contains all types stores. Here you can taste all the blends of cuisine.

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Millions of people visit Dubai for recreation. It was estimated that more than 20 millions tourists visit Dubai every year. We provide amazing and fascinated tour packages to Dubai. These tour packages are based on the number of days you want to stay in Dubai. The best are considered to be for more days but you can book the tour to Dubai for 3 days as well. Here we will discuss our tour package for 3 days. It is known as 2 nights 3 days tour package to Dubai.

Day 1 and night 1:

On the first day, you will reach Dubai Airport and will be transported to the hotel you have chosen. It would be a luxurious hotel and you will enjoy your stay there. On the first day, you will just have the tour of the nearest places to the main city of Dubai as you won’t be able to travel long distances because you will already be tired. You will be taken to The Dubai Mall. It is the world’s largest mall and you will find everything here. After some splendid shopping experience, you will be taken to a great restaurant near the mall and you will enjoy your dinning there and taste the food of Dubai. 

During the 1st night, you should sleep for you will be so much tired.

Day 2 and night 2:

On the second day, you will have to do the most important thing. Visiting Dubai and not going to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world will be a shame. You will be taken to the Burj khalifa where you will enjoy your daytime and the evening time. You will find the world’s largest fountain also there. 

In the night, you will be taken to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai. The nightlife of Dubai does not given you a lot of choices but some licensed bars and clubs. By midnight, you will be back to your hotel for packing and getting ready for departure.

Day 3:

The 3rd day of this packages is meant for your departure. You will be taken to Dubai international airport, and keep in mind, that it is world’s busiest airport. So, you will have to report sooner and this will end your short trip to Dubai.

This completes your trip to Dubai. All these things come under 2 nights 3 day tour package to Dubai. This package is not considered to be the best package but if you are travelling to some other country and have some time to spend in Dubai, this package is the best for you. You will enjoy the three most famous places of Dubai.

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